Happy Hump Day!!

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Happy Hump Day Peeps!  Well it is raining here and I have the rain blues.  But hey it is not a weekend, so I guess I should count my blessings where I can.  Considering it has rained every Sunday for the past two weekends.  Let’s hope Mother Nature gets it out of her system before Friday.  😉

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So in hopes of getting rid of the rain blues……..

Rain at The Squall World Tour concert stop in Shanghai. (12/26/15)

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I'd kiss you in the rain ANY DAY.  Channing Tatum and His Magic Mike Costars Go Shirtless For EW  The first official stills, featuring Alexander Skarsgård as the main man Tarzan, were released on Wednesday and they're heavenly.  Nature manMy happy place... New Zealand Sevens Rugby players celebrate their win over England and overall Hong Kong Sevens tournament in the rain, doing the Haka.  Do you really need to ask why I love rugby? #rugby #rugby7s #newzealandallblacks

The New Zealand rugby team celebrated their recent win in the Sevens tournament in Hong Kong in their own unique way. | Shirtless Rugby Players Do The Haka In The Rain And It Is Beautiful




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