Book Review | Icing on the Cake

35390909Icing on the Cake

(Wild Wedding #2)

by Ann Marie Walker (Goodreads Author)
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Cassandra Miller doesn’t have time for men. She’s far too busy trying to open a cupcake shop with her silent partner and best friend, not to mention catering her brother’s wedding. And let’s face it, it’s not like Prince Charming is going to stroll into the bakery and sweep her off her feet.

Henry has been a prince his entire life but for one wild wedding he wants to be nothing more than an “Average Joe”, or in this instance, “Average Hank”. However, when a case of mistaken identity and a batch of burned cupcakes ends in a night of passion, Cassie and Hank must decide if theirs is a recipe for disaster or the makings of true romance.

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My Review

Ohhhh I loved this book!!!  This series is so much fun!  The romance is amazing and the characters are wonderful and fun-loving.

So this book picks up right after Olivia gets hitched to Cole and are getting ready to open the bakery as partners with Cass.  Of course Olivia is giving Cass a hard time about not taking the time to have a relationship.  Cass puts all her time into work and getting the bakery ready for opening day.  On top of all of this her brother’s wedding is coming up and she is in charge of all the cakes and cupcakes for the wedding.  Olivia suggests that Cass has a wedding fling.  Take time out of her busy schedule and dust off the cobwebs.  When a handsome stranger wanders into the borrowed bakery lost, she is floored and her girly bits are starting to feel warm and fuzzy.  Maybe a fling is what she needs after all.

Prince Henry wants to be normal Hank for the weekend and stay on the down low, to enjoy his mate’s wedding.  When he wanders into a bakery lost he runs into the most beautiful woman he has ever met.  She has flour on her face, hair messy and smells like vanilla.  What he wouldn’t do to get her.   What happens when the weekend is over?

This is a sweet romantic story with a comedy flair.  There is so much entertaining banter between the main characters that it will have you laughing out loud.  The characters are wonderful and engaging.  Cass and Henry have an electric pull that cannot be denied.  The chemistry is strong.  Cass is a fiery redhead, who is shy but has a little vixen in her.  Henry is a  playboy who is used to getting his way, but there is a sense of loneliness about him.

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This book is Hallmark Movie worthy.  It is like the Prince and Me all over again, with the perfect blend of humor mixed with romance.  It makes for a real page turner.   With lovable characters and wonderful story plots this book is sure to entertain you for hours.  I really hope that the Wild Wedding series has another book in its future.

*ARC provided by Netgalley and St. Martins Press

5 star

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