Book Review 📚 Unprepared Daddy

Unprepared Daddy Unprepared Daddy
it was amazing 5.0  · Rating details · Ratings  · Reviews
She can’t run away from me…she’s carrying my babies.
Serena, you’re mine and only mine.
I will bring you back…and make you beg.My life was just so perfect.
Money, Fame, Women – you name it, I had it.
And yet something seemed missing.
Until Her…
Her delicious, curvy package was made for me.
She’s that sweet and spicy seduction…completely intoxicating – you could call her every man’s dream.
And yet, I was a jerk and let her go.
I was a bigger jerk thinking she would wait for me.
She says she doesn’t need me in her life now.
But one look into her luscious eyes and at that pregnant belly,
And I know…I will do all it takes to make her mine.


Another great book by Bella Winters.

In this story Serena is a small town girl struggling to make it in the big city. When she gets a job at a bar as a shot girl she feels life can’t get any lower. Uncomfortable in her skimpy uniform and old men pawing her she feels like yep can’t get much worse. Then she meets Ben.

Ben is a handsome successful business man. But he is a playboy and has no intention of ever settling down. Till he meets Serena. He is so captured by her. When she finds out she will be homeless soon, he suggests her moving in with him. Things are moving fast and things are hot and heavy. That is till he gets news of his business not performing as well as it was.

Well Ben freaks out! When he talks to Serena about this and his plans to move slow, he is interrupted by her news of he is going to be a father. He flips out and kicks her out.

With no money, pregnant and no place to live Serena is devastated. Was this all a dream? She must take of the rose-colored glasses and face reality.

Will Ben ever get his life together and fix the mess he mad of it? Will he be able to convince her to give him another try?

I really enjoyed this love story. The characters were interesting and lovable. There were some oh no he didn’t moments and moments when I wanted to hit him. But in the end I found him to be wonderful and loving.

This book was a page turner of emotion. Then story was relatable and easy to read. A hot steamy number that will have you thinking dirty thoughts. 😉. An enjoyable love story 💕

Bella Winters is a wonderful writer who can really bring an alpha male to his knees. Check out her many books. Each one is a hot steamy tale of romance and happily ever afters.

*ARC provided by Bella Winters/Mia Ford

5 star

Unprepared DaddyMia Ford (pen name Bella Winters) is a contemporary romance writer who loves strong, gorgeous, Greek God like alpha men who love protecting their sassy and sexy women.  She has many books hitting the TOP 100 on Amazon’s paid store!!!

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