Book Review 📚 Pretend Daddy

Pretend Daddy: A Fake Marriage Romance by [Brent, Amy]What’s a man gotta do when not one, but two disasters hit him in the face: A will that forces him to marry and the gorgeous daughter of his fake wife! 

She’s the sunshine I never thought I needed in my life.
A cherry so ready to be plucked.
And I want to be the lucky man.

As her fake dad, I am supposed to protect her, take care of her.
And all I want to do is kiss her like there’s no tomorrow,
Touch her like every part of her body belongs to me,
And f*ck her senseless…until she sees those stars screaming my name and begging for more.

Well, I’ve never played by the rules,
And Jessica seems more than eager to call me daddy, as I order her to spread those legs for me.
But I’ll need to create this one rule in our relationship – it will be our little secret.
We can’t let it out and risk our fake arrangement.
Because that will cost me everything I’ve worked so HARD for.

Turns out Jessica doesn’t want to play by the rules too! 
And I’ll have to choose – between my business, my fake wife, and her sweet daughter, that’s now carrying my baby. 
The sweetest decisions are also the toughest. 
Jessica baby, Daddy’s gonna make you come…back to him…forever. 

*** This is a full length novel with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. *** 

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My Review

Ohhhh what a naughty little story.

Ben, playboy CEO and millionaire has just lost his father to a heart attack. When he finds out that he won’t get controlling interest in the company unless he meets the marriage clause, he is angry. He his hurt, sad and angry that his father is messing with his personal life. When a flight attendant named Pam gives him some kind words of wisdom, it gets him thinking.

Pam agrees to Ben’s marriage proposal. She only does this to provide a better life for her daughter Jessica, who is in med school. What her and Ben don’t expect to happen is the strong attraction between Ben and Jessica. Now faced with this attraction and not wanting to jeopardize his inheritance Ben is forced to not act on it.

Can Ben have the only girl who has ever invaded his every thought and feelings?

This book is such a dirty story. It is so hot it is burning up the pages. It is a different take on romance and not what I was expecting at all. Just goes to show that when you fall in love you can’t help who it is with. Especially the forbidden. Just makes it all the more steamy to read. Another great hot and dirty little number for you. It will make your toes curl and want to scream.

*ARC provided by Amy Brent

5 star

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