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Book Review 📚Passion

Passion: A Single Dad Small Town Romance by [Winters, Bella]


 4.5  ·   Rating details ·  40 Ratings  ·  36 Reviews
I am a single dad with needs.
I am also a DEA agent with a huge attitude and a very big…gun.
Four bullets into my body and I am reminded that my little girl needs her dad.
I gotta keep her safe, even if that means leaving this place and getting into my little hometown.
And while we are recovering from the stress of big city, Jenny happens to me.
Jenny, the girl I babysat.
Jenny, the skinny innocent girl that has turned into a voluptuous beauty.
Jenny, whose gorgeous eyes melt my heart…and soul.
And then, I realize Jenny needs my protection too.
I’ll destroy everything in my path to claim her, mark her as mine.

Yes, this DEA agent will do all it takes to keep the two women in his life safe, and happy.
May be, this could turn into our happily ever after.
Who knows?

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My Review

DEA Agent Alex is forced into a nice long vacation due to getting shot. It was like he has a death wish. So his boss made him take vacation. So Alex takes his daughter and decides to go back to his hometown Kent and stay with his father.

But once back in Kent he starts to notice that Kent has changed a lot and not all the changes are good. When an old high school acquaintance shows up looking for his dad, he senses trouble. The DEA in him tells him that to look into things.

Jenni is dating the wrong guy. Garth. Her father disapproves. But when Alex comes back to town, she starts rethinking her relationship. When Alex gets in a fight with the wrong guy, things take a turn for the worst. Can Alex and Jenni make it out alive? Or will Garth kill them all?

This book was pretty good. It flowed smoothly up until the end. Then it seemed to rush through the rest. I felt that the ending could have had a lot more action and depth to it. But overall it was a great book. The characters were interesting and entertaining. The plot of the story was built up nicely but did rush to the finish line.

I enjoyed the story and it’s characters. I loved the concept of the storyline. I am sure you will too. So if you are looking for a hot little number for a quick read then this book is for you.

*ARC provided by Bella Winters

4 star

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