Book Review| My Best Friend’s Brother

My Best Friend’s Brother

I can have any woman I want.

Until my sister’s best friend teaches me otherwise.

Sarah William’s the HOTTEST talk show host I know.

And she wants to interview me.

They call me the king of Wall Street – but I want to be the king of her ‘O’.

She’s smart, she’s spunky.

She’s my sister’s best friend.

But she doesn’t buy into my charm.

And that turns me on even more.

I’ll punish her for playing hard to get.

Deny her pleasure.

Until tears of frustration rise to her eyes.

Sarah Williams, I’ll make you mine.

And one night is all it’ll take.

***This is a full length 70,000 words novel with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. Bonus content included. ***

My Review

Sarah Williams is a famous daytime talk show host. She has sworn off men. All because she has been hurt by her ex who she caught kissing her co-host. Not to mention the bad luck in her past relationships. But one day all of that is interrupted by Mason Baker. Famous playboy and tech tycoon billionaire. She interviews Mason on her tv show about his gadget that helps people find things. During the interview Mason flirts openly. When it is over he leaves his information with her assistant.

Mason can’t believe his luck. Sarah is even hotter in person than on television. But when she doesn’t call after he left his information with her assistant, he can only think of one reason she didn’t. Her assistant is incompetent. That’s got to be it right? I mean who would pass up Mason Baker, sex god!

When Mason goes to extremes to get through to Sarah, she bruises his ego over and over. She ignores him, doesn’t answer the phone. So he takes things into his own hands and goes down to the studio personally. She has no choice but to give in and go out with him. After a hot night of passion, she leaves Mason with no word, then ignores him.

What is going on? Why can’t he get his head straight? Why is he so attached to her? How can he convince her to date him no strings attached?

This was a great story. Very fun and entertaining. I loved Sarah’s character. She is funny, caring and such a smart ass. I love it. Mason is a typical playboy with the biggest ego in the world. NO wait, I am wrong. His ego is so big the world is not big enough to hold it. bahaha!!

If you are looking for a love story full of laughs and heartache or if you just like to see a woman bring a man to his knees,then this is the book for you. It has all that and then some. I recommend this book for those who love a good snarky fun read with hot as sin sex.

*ARC provided by Candy Gray

5 star

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