Quick Christmas Book Reviews

28058062Snowed In

(Christmas With A Billionaire Novella)

by Lila Monroe (Goodreads Author)
 3.84  ·   Rating details ·  880 Ratings  ·  113 Reviews
Throwing a blow-out bash for hot rockstar-turned-music exec Ace Carmichael should be as easy as pecan pie. It’s my chance to prove my party-planning skills, but this bad boy client isn’t making life simple with his broody looks and aversion to shirts. If only he’d stop tempting me to jingle all the way … to his hot tub … this could be my big break.

But thanks to four feet of snow, the event of the year is suddenly a party for two. So deck the halls with a dangerously sexy tattooed rocker, a dozen cases of champagne and … me.

When the snow melts, Santa might not be the only one who’s coming. So what’s it going to be this year: naughty or nice?

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My Review of Snowed In 

A sexy little number for the holidays.
Paige is trying to get her event planning business off the ground. When she gets a huge job throwing a Christmas party in Aspen with A-listers guest list she is thrilled. But when she arrives it is a bumpy start. Like literally a handsome and rugged snow bum knocks her down and doesn’t even acknowledge her. Imagine her surprise when he turns out to be her new boss Ace Charmichael, record label executive. Well this job just got harder. Now she has to work with a rude sexy as hell man. To make matters worse they get snowed in and the party is delayed. What is she going to do to resist sleeping with this man?
This is a quick read with a HEA. The characters are fun and engaging. Ace is one hot ass man, who sure knows how to work it. Paige is shy and sweet and begging to come out of her shell. It is a sweet story and I enjoyed it. So curl up and grab some wine. You will not need a blanket, because this book is so hot it will warm your core up.

4 star


36686328Secret Santa Baby

by Robin Covington (Goodreads Author)
 3.72  ·   Rating details ·  373 Ratings  ·  101 Reviews
Tessa Stoneman hasn’t been able to get long-time friend and business partner Nicholas Boone out of her head since they shared a single kiss in college. Even when she dated Nicholas’s best friend. Now that she’s giving up her position at GameNerdz to strike out on her own—and now that she’s single—maybe it’s the right time to see if there’s still something between them.

Nicholas knows once Tessa leaves the company she helped found, they might drift apart. Before she starts her own company in the new year, he wants to woo the woman he fell in love with during college. So he poses as her Secret Santa, gifts her with items from the song “Santa Baby,” and plans a big reveal at the company holiday party. But when his best friend wants to rekindle his romance with Tessa, will Nicholas lose his last chance?

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My Review of Secret Santa Baby

This was a quick romantic read for the holidays.

Nick is in love with his best friend Tessa.  Has been for years, but he has been to shy to say anything and his best mate started dating her.  Well they broke up, so now it is fair game.  A game he does not plan to lose.  So Nick poses as her secret santa baby to win her heart.

Tessa regrets ever dating Damien, Nicks best mate.  She defiantly chose the wrong man and she will regret it for the rest of her life, because he would never go out with his best mates ex.  How can Tessa convince him she is in love with him and to give her a shot?

This is a quick and fun read.  The characters are hilarious and energetic.  I really loved where the author was going with the story, but felt the book was too quick and had way more potential.    This should have been made into a full length novel .  I was a little disappointed that the author didn’t develop the story more.  Other than that it was a great little story with wonderful characters.  It was an entertaining and hot read and I did enjoy it.  So if you need a quickie then this book is for you.

4 star


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