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37368307The Perfect Holiday

A Bad Boy New Year Romance

 4.86  ·   Rating details ·  22 Ratings  ·  18 Reviews
She’s here for her Christmas holiday
But she might find more than just snow!
A baby is not even a part of the deal,
If only plans worked all the time!Training the rich to ski and landing hot ski bunnies at every turn is my passion
This season again I am all ready for my next set of girls at Aspen
But one look at Bea and I realise, I’m in trouble…
Her beautiful looks, and those perfect curves steal my heart;
And one hot night of passion,
Leads to more than what I bargained for.
I am not sure I’m even ready for…this baby.


snowflakes-dividerOMG!!!  Mia Ford has really out done herself with this book.  This is the perfect holiday read.  Hallmark Movie worthy!!!!  I loved this book!  It is my absolute favorite of hers to date.

In this story Bea is in a horrible relationship and it is coming to its end.  After a fight with her boyfriend ending in goodbye, Bea’s best friend  Hailey forces her to take a vacation with her to Aspen for the holidays.

Cameron is living the life of single traveling playboy.  Moving from ski resort to ski resort teaching rich hot ski bunnies to ski with his best friend, is the perfect life for him and he is in no hurry to settle down.  He gets to love em’ and leave em’.  PERFECT!  Every year they are booked for the month of December until New Year’s day at the most exclusive resort in Aspen.  His favorite job ever.  The chics are hot, the snow is real and the luxury is amazing.  PERFECT!  But Cameron’s best friend is tired of traveling from town to town.  He is looking to find someone to settle down.  Cameron is worried he might just be on his own working before long.

One day during a relaxing day in the lounge, Cameron’s eye catches sight of the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.  He chases after her to try to find out who she is, but to no luck his mission is hopeless.  When the mysterious woman winds up taking his class he is more than thrilled.  He has not been able to get her off his mind.

After class Bea and Cameron talk till night and then he walks her to her room only to agree to let fate make their paths cross again.  But Cameron is not letting fate control this meeting.  He can’t get her off his mind, so he takes matters into his own hand and stalks her door the next day.  From then on they spend all Cameron’s spare time together and on New Year’s Eve they spend the night together making mad passionate love.  The next day Bea tells Cameron to leave it to fate for them to meet again next New Years if they have not moved on.  So Cameron leaves with no exchanging of numbers.  Cameron misses her so much and begins to search for her.  Will the two lovers find each other again?  Or will it be too late for Cameron?

This story was the sweetest romance story I have read in a long time.  I laughed, cried and felt butterflies throughout the book.  I was so invested to see their journey come full circle.  It was amazing.

The characters in this book were so wonderful you can’t help but fall in love.  An amazing read that flowed flawlessly.  I guarantee that you will fall in love too.  So go out and get this book.  You will not regret it and you will be in for the most romantic tale of all time.

*ARC provided by Mia Ford

5 star

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