Book Review| Brother’s Best Friend Package

36860121Brother’s Best Friend’s Package: A Bad Boy Billionaire Christmas Romance

by Cassandra Bloom (Goodreads Author)
 4.29  ·   Rating details ·  21 Ratings  ·  20 Reviews
Ash Hobbs is king of Wall Street. He’s big and powerful, successful, and incredibly sexy.

He’s the most notorious bad boy on Broadway. He changes women faster than he changes his underwear, and he’s got his sights set on me.

He’s exactly the kind of guy I could get involved with—if I was in the market to get involved with anybody—which I’m not.

He’s also my brother’s best friend and business partner. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, he doesn’t know it, but he’s about to meet his match.

He’s a shark and I’m a shark, so I guess we’re two of a kind. I change guys faster than I change my underwear.

I chew up guys and spit them out. I’ve got a different man in my bed every night, and tonight it’s Ash’s turn.

One night of wild sex later—could this be a New York dream come true, or the greatest disaster ever?




Wow!  Another wham bam thank you mam great read by Cassnadra.  Woman can do one night stands too.  This is a whole new approach to the playboys.  Yep that’s right.  Watch out boys!  Women can be players too.

In this book Marlee is visiting her brother Colton for the holidays. While she is in his office waiting for him to finish up some work so they can go to lunch, in walks a sexy as hell man!  Damn he is fine!  And she immediately sets her sights on him.

Ash is in the middle of talking to his partner and bff Colton when something catches his eye.  He looks up and finds the most beautiful and sexy as hell woman sitting in Colton’s office.  Who is this?  Colton notices Ash is staring and he tells him no way!  Stay away from his sister!!  He warns Ash against hitting on his sister or he will do him bodily harm.

Later Colton warns his sister to stay away from Ash.  He tells her he is a womanizer and player.  A love em and leave em kind of guy, who will definitely hurt her.  But does she listen, nooooooo!!!! She doesn’t.

Marlee goes into a bar and literally picks him up.  She tells him to take her home and fuck her.  Well let’s just say that was one hot as sin night full of naughtiness and dominating alpha male.  A little BDSM. Wow!  He was the best sex she ever had.

When Ash gets the cold shoulder after their hot night, he does everything he can to get her alone again.  When she has ignored him for several days he shows up unannounced and talks her into going carolling with him.  He confesses his feelings only to have her turn him down.  How can he convince her to give him a shot at forever?

This book is the perfect definition of a quickie.  This book is a fast paced read full of humor, love and hot ass sex.  So break out the condoms, because you will need the protection this book is so hot.

*ARC Provided by Cassandra Bloom

5 star




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