Cakes Cakes Cakes!

So last night I was a busy busy person!!!  I made a cake for a lady at work this week for her son’s birthday.  I did not realize how much work I had signed up for.  After four hours of icing the cake I finally finished.  Then I had to make two peanut butter pies for my brother.  He has to have these at all major holidays.  We are getting together this weekend to celebrate Christmas while my sisters are down for a visit.  So he has to have a pie for that and another for Christmas day.  He is addicted to them.  *lol*  Then I had to embroidery a patch and sew it on a robe for another lady at work.  whew!!! I am exhausted.  But I am really happy how the cake turned out so I am posting a picture for you!


Oh here is one of my pies!


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