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Bossman's List: A Billionaire Christmas Office Romance by [Price, Ashlee]Bossman’s List:

A Billionaire Christmas Office Romance

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She was there to pick me up,
Show me around,
And make sure I had a good time.
After all, that’s what assistants are for, right?But Sheryl was different,
Beautiful, smart and hot as…you know what.
All I want is to touch her,
Hear her scream my name
And make her mine.No guy has ever satisfied her.
Now, I’m here from down under
To make sure she gets her first “O” with my big “D”.
And maybe a happy ending of my own.

***Bossman’s List is a steamy, stand-alone billionaire office Christmas romance with a HEA.***

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My Review

In this book Sheryl is executive assistant to John Alister of Alister Fashions.  She has worked for her hot older boss for two years now.  But even though he is hot, he is definitely married.  So he is a no go zone.  When her boss gives her an errand lists that includes driving around and picking up a potential business client from the airport, she is a little irritated.  She could be utilizing her time better if her boss would just see her potential and advance her.

When she gets to the airport and meets the new client she is aggravated and turned on at the same time.  He is one hot man and he is from Australia.  But of course he is loud and on the verge of an all night drink fest.  But when a bet she wins gets him to leave the bar at the airport things become interesting.

When more things come to light about her boss and the business he wants to conduct with the Aussie, she becomes a little leery of her boss.  At every turn more and more suspicious things start happening.  She is wondering if she is the pawn in the middle of it all.  Who can she trust?  Will she live through this mess she is in?

Wow!  I did not expect so much action in this romance.  I was thinking this book would be more like most office romances.  Poor secretary bangs rich boss.  Rich boss falls in love with poor secretary.  Boy was I wrong.  Not only does the romance not involve the boss, there is so much espionage and danger involved in the story.

This book was exciting and thrilling.  I was hanging onto the edge the whole time and trying to figure out who was doing what.  It had an air of mystery and loads of betrayal and deceit.  The characters were interesting, especially the hot as hell Aussie Langdon!  Holy hotness!  I was definitely drooling over him.  I mean hey, who doesn’t love a stud with an accent.  I do!  I do!  Accents are a huge turn on.

This is the first book I have read by Ashlee Price and I got to say I am impressed.  Her story telling was so James Bond!  It was adventurous and exciting!  I will definitely be reading some more books by her.  So if you are in the mood for a little danger and adventure with a dose of hot alpha male sex, then sit down and buckle up because you are in for a ride.

*ARC provided by Ashlee Price

5 star






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