365 Challenge: Day 270 – TRUTH (POLL/AWARD)

Woohoo! Check it out blogger friends. I am nominated for an award on my pal Jay. There are 12 amazing bloggers total to vote for. So hop on over to This Is My Truth Now and vote for your favorite bloggers. If you have a hard time picking one, don’t worry you can pick three. 🙂 (as long as one is me *wink wink*) Love all of you. Now quite hanging around here and go check out it out. I am positive you will make new friends.

This Is My Truth Now

TRUTH: an award [with prizes / giveaways] Jay’s giving out to a few bloggers in 2017 who deserve special recognition (please read all of today’s message — important — You can VOTE!)


I have been blessed with a truly wonderful life. Though I may complain on occasion, there is very little, if anything, I should ever be upset about. I am grateful for all that I have and continue to receive. 2017 has been a remarkable year for many reasons, but the one I want to highlight today is the gift I received when I created the ThisIsMyTruthNow blog. When I began it just over a year ago, I never imagined I’d have over 3500 followers in the first year, but it happened. I also never understood how many amazing people exist in this world — I thank each and every one of you for being supporters, followers, comment-writers…

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