Book Review | The Wolf’s Bounty (Hinterland Series Book1)

36813717Hinterland Book 1: The Wolf’s Bounty

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Cliffhanger. Not a Standalone. Book 1 of 4 in the Hinterland Series.

Raleigh Douglas always considered herself just another farm girl from the country. She gets the shock of her life when she wins a prestigious position apprenticed to the greatest slayer/hunter in the country. The famous Knox Bishop isn’t glad to see her, though. He wasn’t expecting a woman, and he doesn’t think she can survive the week working for him. These two alpha personalities butt heads from their very first meeting, and Bishop won’t believe Raleigh can hunt with the best of them.

Raleigh sets out to prove him and everybody else wrong, but danger and mystery lurk around every corner. Before she knows it, Raleigh finds herself swept into an unknown world of power and danger. A mystical world of fantastic possibilities lies beyond the veil of her humdrum past. Unknown forces pull hidden strings behind the scenes to thwart her every move. Can she and Bishop find a way to work together before evil swallows Hinterland in darkness?

Contains violence, action, and steamy scenes. 18+

Read the Hinterland Series in order! 🙂

Book 1: The Wolf’s Bounty ⇐ Release 11/25/2017

Book 2: The Wolf’s Quarry ⇐ No release date yet.  But should not be much longer.

Book 3: The Wolf’s Hunt

Book 4: The Wolf’s Curse

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This is the first book 📚 in the Hinterland Series and it is not what I was expecting. It is a whole new look into the paranormal world, with creatures unlike any you’ve ever dreamed of before. Definitely makes things interesting.

In the first book of the Hinterland series we are introduced to our main characters Raleigh and Bishop. Raleigh is a farm girl who slays the evil paranormal creatures that prey on her land and livestock. Her brother disappeared a few years back, so it is just her and her father. One day her father tells her to apply for an apprenticeship with another famous slayer in the town. Reluctantly she applied and was accepted.

Bishop never keeps an apprentice for long. In fact they usually don’t last a night. So imagine his dismay when he finds that Raleigh is in fact a woman and not a man. He tells her to leave immediately. But when she refuses he has no choice but to give her a shot.

When Raleigh pulls through the first night saving Bishops ass, his opinion slowly changes. He sees her in a whole new light. She is unlike any woman he has ever met and that is when he starts seeing her differently altogether. She is a person who could not only be a great apprentice, but also someone to love and chased away the loneliness. But he fights his feelings and this confuses her.

When one of their own gets kidnapped, things get intense and the original plan has to be put on hold. Can Raleigh and Bishop save their friend? Can they fight the evil chasing them and make it out alive and solve the mystery in time before someone dies? Or will it rip apart the fragile relationship Bishop has with Raleigh?

So this is the first book by KT Harding that I have read. I have to say this book was not what I was expecting at all. From the cover and title I was thinking 🤔 that this book would be like your typical werewolves hot and dirty romance, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t get me wrong this book has some hot and dirty, but it is not an alpha wolf doing the hot and dirty! I am still wondering when the title will come into play.

I can say that the sex scenes were a bit odd.  Like Bishop was bi-polar.  He was hot and heavy one minute and then cold the next and a few minutes later he was on again.  I guess he was struggling inside, trying to control his urges.  They were definitely odd scenes.  They are not written as well as you find in most dirty romances, but you get the gist.

KT Harding has created a whole new world with her characters. Hinterland is a world unlike any other.  With the most strange and unusual creatures I have ever read about,  which has captured my attention.  As this story unfolds it gets more and more intriguing. With action happening from the first page, you will find this page turner hard to put down. It is entertaining and very interesting. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

*ARC provided by KT Harding

4 star

KT Harding’s World

K.T HardingThe worlds I create have been described as “bizarre”, “a rabbit hole of fantasy and adventure”, and “uniquely unconventional”.
My books are a bit lengthy, so I do have to break them down into a series or installments.

If you are open to steamy new Shifter experiences, dive right in! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Book Review | The Wolf’s Bounty (Hinterland Series Book1)

    • They are odd because Bishop is bi polar about it. He is all over her one min and he pulls away only to come back a few minutes later. The scenes are just not as hot and dirty as most paranormal romance novels have. They are not bad Bishop just gives you whiplash with his hot and cold. The story is really interesting though. I am wondering when the wolf bounty will come in though??

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      • Whiplash, hahahaha I so adore your descriptions. Yeah, considering that book only just came out, it’ll probably be another 6 months to a year for the next one.

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      • Actually I think the next one is scheduled for sometime in Jan. I was talking to KT and she has me signed up to review all the books. She said they should not be too far apart since she wrote it in one huge book and is splitting it off into three so it won’t seem so lengthy.

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