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36664771Coming Together – A Billionaire’s Baby Romance

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Reese had always been very picky about the men she dated and was hell-bent to have the perfect first time with the man whom she could spend her entire life. However, her work seldom gave her a chance to go out until when her friend pushed her to take a chance. Little did she know that heading to a childhood friend’s wedding might just get her to find her Mr. Right!

Blaine had it all – the money and the brain and was a typical romantic playboy but he sets his eyes on Reese during a wedding. However, Reese’s fears take over and he is left unsure if he will ever see her again. But, he had a mission now that this girl was not going to get away from him again.

Will Reese’s inability to commit until she finds the perfect guy, blind her from seeing what was right in her face.

Warning: Get ready to soak yourself into wetness with loads of insta love with HEA! So, grab your cozy socks and cuddle up with this Billionaire Romance Full Length Novel.

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In this book Reese is a small business owner of a pet shop.  She is so focused on her job, she has yet to let herself find the man to lose her virginity too.  Her bff and business partner Leena keeps encouraging her to go out and find someone to relieve her of her virginity, but Reese wants to wait for the one.  The right one.

Blaine is a very intelligent and smart CEO of a very successful tech company.  He is not interested in settling down past one night.  He just doesn’t have time with his business.  Not just that but it is hard to find an intelligent woman who won’t bore him.

At a chance meeting and  minute conversation at a wedding Blaine is suddenly wanting to change his rules and get to know the awkward and beautiful woman named Reese that he meets at the wedding.

When Blaine pursues Reese and takes the time to locate her, she decides to give it a shot.  When Blaine figures out this woman will not be an easy lay, he starts to wonder if that is all that he really wants.

As their relationship blossoms and starts to really grow, a childhood story has the ability to destroy it all.  Will Reese tell Blaine the truth about what she does for a living?  Will Blaine leave her when he finds out the truth?  Or will a floppy eared little one bring him to his knees?

Another great HEA novel by Mia Ford.  She really does know how to write a good love story.  With amazing characters and wonderful story plots, you can’t help but fall in love with her books.

This book is no different from any of her others.  It flows smoothly with lovable characters and intense romance that will burn right off the pages it is so hot.  Everything I have come to love about her books and more.  A page turner full of love, mystery and challenges of the heart.  It will not disappoint.

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