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36309605Perfect Match

by Alexis Alvarez (Goodreads Author)
 4.37  ·   Rating details ·  52 Ratings  ·  41 Reviews
Coming Nov 6th to Amazon and KU.
She’s the matchmaker…he’s her sexy client. What could go wrong?

L.A.-based matchmaker Fia Martin has a tough competition: Find the perfect woman for arrogant, handsome TV-host Dylan Chambers, before her rival, Connie Birnbaum, can do it––on national television. If Dylan declares her the winner, Fia’s business will skyrocket.

Dylan is picky. He’s smug. He reminds Fia that he’s only doing this competition at all because he lost a bet to his TV co-host, and he doesn’t believe in true love. He’s polite on dates picked out by Connie, but the ones Fia sets up? Those seem to end in complete disaster. And every time she tells him to behave, he flirts with her shamelessly.

A stolen kiss turns to a night of unbelievable passion, but Fia knows that Dylan’s not interested in anything more than a fling. How could it mean anything when he’s still going on dates for the TV challenge like nothing happened?

When Dylan chooses Connie’s company for his final dream date in Hawaii, to a woman who looks perfect on paper, Fia figures she can pretty much kiss the trophy goodbye. The problem is, she won’t just be losing the competition. She’s about to lose her heart, too…to the one guy who’s completely unavailable.

Perfect Match is a full length 75K word romance novel with a very high heat level, poetic prose, and some laugh out loud moments. Like all of my books, it has a wonderful HEA. This one has some mild kink…not a lot of pain, but a whole lot of pleasure!

First published Sept 26th, 2017 inside the box set Hot and Sinful Nights – a box set which hit the USA Today Best Sellers List. It will come to Amazon and KU on Nov 6, 2017.

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My Review

This the first book by Alexis Alvarez that I have read and I got to say that I loved it.  It is funny and snarky.  A very enjoyable read.

In this story Fia Martin is LA’s up and coming matchmaker.  She has only been in the biz for a couple of years.  Her success rate is very high.  When she gets the opportunity to sign up on a morning television show she jumps on it.  Hey publicity will draw in more business right?!? Right!  I mean heck what can go wrong.

When Fia goes on the show with another matchmaker Connie, she is under the impression they are just going to talk about their business and how each one is done differently.  So much for impressions.   While on the air the talk show host Chelsea Marr announces that the two matchmakers will be competing to find a true match for Chelsea’s sexy hot co-host Dylan.

“Who will find love for Dylan? Will it be Connie and her gut feelings, or Fia and her computer program? Viewers, you’re going to want to stay tuned over the next few weeks as we follow Dylan around on his dates and find out what he thinks about the two top rated matching services in town!

OMG!  Dylan is so arrogant and not looking for love.  He has already made this pretty clear to everyone.  How in the world will she find true love match for Mr. Love Hater?

When Dylan goes on dates and they are previewed on the show, Fia starts to realize that Chelsea is out to get her.  She shows bad clips from all her matches for Dylan.  She feels like she is trying to sabotage Fia.  What can be worse than that?  Falling for Dylan.  That’s what!

Fia cannot deny her attraction to Dylan.  It doesn’t help that he is acts different than he does on the show or the fact that he puts the moves on her any chance he gets.  It would be bad for business to sleep with Dylan.  Right?

When the final date finds them all in Hawaii she realizes that this will be the last time she sees Dylan and that he will be taking her heart with him.  Man life is so unfair.

I love the characters in this book.  They were so much fun to read about.  They have heart and Uniqueness.  It is fun watching how the show plays out.  I tell you there were times I wanted to punch that Chelsea in the face.  Agghh!!  She was infuriating.  I loved Dylan.  He is wonderful, amazing and ohhh so dirty.  Major Alpha Male.  He is hot and sexy as hell.  The things he did to Fia, man, wooh hot!!  I think I might have to read those scenes again!  wink wink

“Such a bad girl, Fia. Look what you did…you got my pants all wet from rubbing on me while I spanked you. It looks like you enjoy a little punishment, don’t you?”

I really did enjoy reading this book and will definitely see what else this author has to offer.  Because if any of it is like this book, well….. let’s just say ohhh la la!!  Her writing is smooth and flawless.  Her characters have depth and are developed well.  She definately has the BDSM down to an erotic science.  I highly recommend this read.  So be sure to have extra underwear on hand because this book will make you wet.

*ARC provided by TN King



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