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Yours Forever – A Holiday Romance

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A Luxury Cruise. A Handsome Guitarist. Seems to be the perfect holiday!

A simple word that changed my life.
He’s standing in front of me.
My heart beats faster….my mouth runs dry with lust and desire.
I’m pretty sure I’m falling for HIM!
His hot muscular body sets a fire in the pit of my stomach…
A burning that races all the way down to my center.
I can feel the intense heat and…
If I don’t have him soon then I might just die.”

“I walk through the midnight valley, thinking only of you…
you’re the love of my life and losing you makes me blue…”

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My Review

Wow!  What an amazing book!  It is a beautiful and heartwarming story.  It will have you melting inside.

Tia has just graduated college and is unsure of what to do with her life.  When her mother tells her to take a holiday before making that decision, she thinks it is a wonderful idea.  So Tia book her a cruise and decides that after the cruise she will move home till she figures out the next step.

Stephen is an aspiring rock star from New Zealand.  He has one last gig before he leaves the state to return home.

During the cruise Tia meets a handsome rocker.  She feels an instant connection to him.  After one hot and amazing night and  a promise to return, Stephen disappears.  Tia returns home with a broken heart and a guitar pick.  When Tia learns a dark secret that confirms her suspension of her father she makes a rash decision to move.  Where does she move?  The one place calling to her is New Zealand.

Tia is doing well and has cut all ties to her family in the states.  She is happy now with a wonderful new job, apartment and friends.  While out one night with her new friends, she sees a ghost from the past.  It can’t be Stephen.  Can it?

What a beautiful story to start off the holidays with.  It was amazing.  It is full of danger, loss and love found.  I did not expect the story to play out the way it did.  It had the most crazy and unexpected twist to it.  I do love a good twist.

The characters in this book have such an amazing draw to them.   It sucked me into the story and I could not stop reading.  There was just too much adventure, danger and excitement going on.  A definite page turner.  Bella Winters has really outdone herself with this hot romance.  This story is burning up the pages in hotness.  With amazing sex and deep connections and emotions.  I guarantee you will love this book.

*ARC provided by Bella Winters



Product DetailsMia Ford (pen name Bella Winters) is a contemporary romance writer who loves strong, gorgeous, Greek God like alpha men who love protecting their sassy and sexy women.
She has many books hitting the TOP 100 on Amazon’s paid store!!!

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