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36566595Royal Tryst

by Ruby Steele (Goodreads Author)Virginia Sexton (Goodreads Author)
 4.71  ·   Rating details ·  58 Ratings  ·  55 Reviews
I’m the Crown Prince of Scandal
I’ve been told to stay away from her
Well, that’s not happening…
The world knows me as the royal playboy
But this time, I’m playing for keeps

All the things you’ve read about me in the tabloids?
They’re probably true.

Trouble didn’t find me, I went looking for it.

I lived for the next woman, the next fight, the next party.

Until it all caught up with me.

These days?

I’m on lockdown in my own f*cking palace, under decree from the Royal Council to stay out of trouble.

If I want to become the next King, I have to clean up my act.
Which means no more media scandals and no more women.

Fine, whatever it takes. I’m on my best behavior.

Until she arrives. 

My best friend’s younger sister.

All. Grown. Up.

With a sexy, sweet smile and womanly curves for days.

She’s here for the royal festival, and she’s being courted for marriage.

I’m definitely not on the list of approved suitors.

But I like breaking the rules, and I’m ready for a tasty diversion.

She looks absolutely delicious waltzing back into my palace…

I bet she’ll look even better in my bed.

Get ready to melt your e-reader with this steamy, full-length novel featuring a bad boy lady killer Prince and a smart, sassy heroine who brings him to his knees. Royal Tryst has a splash of intrigue, no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happy ending.

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Ohh what a great read of lies and deception. I love a good book with so much evilness for the prince to overcome and save the princess.

Seraphina is being forced to marry to save her family’s wealth and livelihood. Her parents don’t want her to sacrifice and marry, but it is out of their control when a 400 year old agreement between families has tied their hands.

Prince Parker has been a playboy and nuisance for too long. He has been forced by the Royal court to shape up or ship off. He has been on his best behavior for months now. His father is retiring soon and he will be taking over the Crown. When his bff Spencer’s sister shows up for the festival he is floored. No way is this the same tomboy pain in the arse from his childhood.

Parker decides h must have her. Seraphina and Parker start-up a secret tryst during her stay for the festival. But Parker starts to feel jealous when several suitors start to court her. One in particular named Finely. When the tryst is discovered Seraphina is forced to make a decision. Which decision will she chose? Parker or family obligation.

Man this book had a great storyline, with loads of secrets, lies, deception and love. A quick solid read that was hot off the press and full of amazing sexcapades. The characters are fun-loving individuals who really put others before themselves. Parker isn’t afraid to grovel on his knees to beg for what is his. Such a beautiful thing for a man to do. Wouldn’t you agree? I really think you will enjoy this story of arranged marriages and fighting for love. A hot night read!

*ARC provided by Virginia Sexton and Booksprout


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