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36561525Rescue Me

 4.65  ·   Rating details ·  34 Ratings  ·  30 Reviews
Blaine had a perfect kind of lifestyle…
Picking up his new honey to keep his bed loud
No commitment…no stress and no heartbreaks!Well that was until he met Josie in a bar
One look at her perfectly structured curves and those long sexy legs.
And he didn’t want to break away from her
Things started out simple…
But then, sudden dis-appearance of Josie’s father…
Which could cost her freedom or even her life!
Well guess what, Blaine’s found a new purpose to his life!Don’t you worry Josie, Blaine is there by your side!

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My Review

Josie is quiet school teacher, who has a father with a gambling addiction. She has worked her entire life taking care of her father. No time for herself or love. One night she goes out for a night on the town to celebrate her friends upcoming wedding. There she meets a handsome stranger.

Blaine is a lawyer, who inherited his family’s practice and fortune when his parents died a few years ago. He has just been coasting along. Alone and afraid to live. He is a bonafide player. He is on the prowl for his next one night stand, when he spots her across the room.

Blaine and Josie have a hot night of sex and he leaves as planned. What he didn’t plan on was wanting to see her again. He starts up a world wind romance with her, quickly falling in love with her.

When her father gets Josie in some major trouble that lands Josie in jail, Blaine is heartbroken. He will do anything to help her. What will Josie do? Protect herself or her father? Things get dicey and lives are threatened. Josie sees no other way out. Will she leave the only person who loves her to protect him?

This was another compelling Mia Ford book. Full of hot sex, action, adventure and thrills. A story that will have you on the edge of your seat. With lovable intense characters. I was biting my nails with worry over Josie and Blaine.

Mia Ford has a wonderful writing style. Her stories flow smoothly and flawlessly. Taking a really hot man and creating a story that is not only full of hot steamy sex but serious drama, adventure and thrills.

This is a page turner full of action. If you like a good thriller with hot man candy, then this is for you.


*ARC provided by Mia Ford


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