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Dirty Prince by [Corgan, Sky]

Dirty Prince

by Sky Corgan (Goodreads Author)
 4.14  ·   Rating details ·  28 Ratings  ·  25 Reviews
From USA Today bestselling author Sky Corgan comes a wartime romance that will have you swooning and fanning yourself.

I invaded her country, but I’m going to invade more than that.

I caught the silhouette of a woman out of the corner of my eye when I was carrying out an execution.
She could have been a spy, so I had no choice but to follow her.
When I cornered her in an abandoned house, I knew I had to have her.

I’m just trying to survive this bloody war.
When I heard men’s voices on the other side of the fence, I couldn’t help but be curious.
The sound of gunshots sent me scurrying back to my camp. I never expected to be followed.
Now this handsome stranger is demanding that I come with him. He says that the only way to save me is to let him put a baby inside me. I’ve never been with a man before, but when he looks at me with those hungry eyes, it’s hard to say no. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a handsome prince.

Heat level: Smokin’ Hot

Dirty Prince is a super romantic stand-alone novel. If you thought chivalry was dead, this book will reignite it in your soul.

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My Review

Well you can say the title says it all.  Dirty Prince takes place in a time when war has turned a country upside down.  Anya is a scraggler.  Scavenging to find food to take back to the camp that she has taken refuge in.  While out hunting for food she hears a group of men talking.  curious and scared she hides out on the second floor of a house.  She uses the height to peek out the window and observe what is going on.

Prince Fynn is out in the field in his encampment working for his father.  He and his troops are searching for rebels.  He is talking with his chief in command and best friend Daniel.  They are discussing the group of rebels that are being executed.  Once the execution is over, Fynn takes a min to collect hisself.  This war is almost over and he is so tired and ready to return home.  He happens to catch a woman staring down at him from an abandon house.  He sends a guard after her.

Prince Fynn keeps recalling the woman he saw.  He goes to the camp that the guard said she ran to and keeps tabs on her.  She is beautiful and he is drawn to her.  He feels protective of her.  He decides the best way to keep her safe is to send food to the camp.

Daniel comes to Fynn and lets him know they are needing to do a sweep of sector 17 again.  Fynn can’t have her camp leaving and him not knowing where she is.  He goes and tells her that she must come with him to repay the food debt and the people of the camp can leave.

Anya is scared.  She doesn’t know what Fynn wants from her.  She is a virgin and is not going to be a willing sex slave.  She rather wash floors.  When Daniel and Fynn get into a fight she finds that Fynn is actually in love with her.  Can she risk his safety?  Can she leave him?

Things get really dicey and Anya’s life is in danger.  What will happen now?  Will she survive or become another victim of war?

This story was a good solid read.  The characters are so loveable.  The prince is a dirty boy.  What he wants he gets.  Anya is very shy and reserved.  She is sweet and caring, even to those who try to hurt her.

A definite page turner.  In this book you will find war, betrayal, hurt and most important love.  It is a steady paced story full of action and adventure.  Not to mention great sex scenes that will make you moan.  Can I have  my own  dirty prince?  😉

*ARC provided by Sky Corgan


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