Hump Day!

Welcome Welcome Peeps.

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It’s HUMP DAY!!!!!  And what happens on Hump Day???  That’s right!  Sexy Hot As Sin Book Day!  And boy do I have some good ones for you.  So without further ado…..  Bring on the men.

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$3.99 or Free on Ku

$2.99 or Free on KU

 $0.99 or Free on KU

Sexy As Sin Freebies

Don’t Have Kindle Unlimited?  Try now free for 30 days and read all these books for free!


Now for Pintrest Man of the Week…..

The best picture of Shemar I have  ever seen... He has earned a spot on my board. shemar moore

Shemar Moore (Damnnnnn!!!)  He is fine!

shemar moore... love watching him on Criminal Minds.. Hottie Mc Hotterson! Shemar Moore Photoshoot

Shemar Moore & Matthew Gray Gubler, you might have to slightly avert your eyes from these super bright smiles.

This Hump Day is brought to you by:



15 thoughts on “Hump Day!

  1. The last picture is of two of my most favorite actors ! I should send a picture of my favorite actor 😉. He’s not famous yet but I’m sure he’s on his way . He’s from a very small town in Texas !

    XOXO Eliza

    Liked by 1 person

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