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36540641Dirty Doc Next Door

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Seduce. Steal. Move on.

Growing up, stealing was the only way Abby knew to get by.

When she moves to a wealthy new neighborhood, she is determined to find her next victim.

Cold. Rich. Sexy.

He seems to be the perfect candidate for Abby, the doctor next door.

Despite all the fun she has flirting, scheming and seducing him, she begins to feel something else — something she has never felt before.

Perhaps she is just getting rusty? Or perhaps this dirty doc isn’t going to be the victim she thought he would be…

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My Review

Abby just moved in with her friend Jay.   She is hiding a big secret from her.  She is a thief.  She breaks into houses and robs them.  She has to find her next heist son, before the gang come looking.  She is hiding from someone very dangerous.  If she doesn’t find a heist soon someone will tell that person where she is.

She sees the neighbor next door.  He is a good-looking doctor.  She decides to us her charms to get intel.  He is her next job.  When things go bad and she is shot, she doesn’t know how she will get out of the mess she is in.

Ian is a rich and handsome doctor, whom keeps to himself.  But when the neighbor Jay’s petite blond friend moves in next door he notices.  Man does he notice.   Breaks into his house and is shot, he doesn’t know what to do.  Will he call the cops?  Or will he give in to his desires?

Ohh!  The tittle of this book says it all.  That Ian is one dirty doctor.  The chemistry between him and a Abby is downright hot.  Those two can give those Fifty Shades characters a run for their money with all that dominance.  Damn!!!!  I guarantee you this book will make you wet and needing to break out that vibrator.

Not only was this book hot, it was action packed drama filled with loads of thrills.  A definite page turner for sure!  I was so drawn into the story I could not put this book down! I had to know what happened next.  This was such an exciting book.  I highly recommend this book for those lonely nights.  No cozy read here.  Just hot steamy action.

*ARC provided by Sienna Chance and Booksprout


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