Late Hump Day!

saturday night live hump day GIF

Hello Peeps!  I know! I know!  I missed Hump Day!  🙀

How could I do that to you? 🙄 Well I can honestly say that I was slammed today and it slipped my mind, until I was gently reminded that I had missed my post.  Some would say they look forward to Wednesday because there will be a hot man waiting fo them on Moohnshine’s Corner.  So without further ado…….here are those hot men I promise you each week.  Enjoy!  I know I do.  😉

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Pintrest Man Of The Week

Repin and Like. Subscribe to Noelito Flow youtube music videos , , - Noel Diaz Fit Ryan Reynolds #fitspo #fitspiration #fitisthenewthin


Ryan Reynolds on a bike. God is GOOD! What a fine man on a beautiful piece of machinery.  

I just have to say he is sex on a stick fine!!!!  

Hot Man Hump Day Brought To You By:



6 thoughts on “Late Hump Day!

  1. Oh, you’re killing me this morning. Ryan Reynolds and I go way back (possibly in my imagination) ever since he did a National Lampoon’s spoof film. And then when he did the Amityville Horror TV movie, I was done for. But The Proposal was just too much to handle. Ah… Wednesdays and Thursdays are wonderful now. 🙂 Lisa Lace Blaze was today’s cover winner!

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