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36114226And a Sixpence for Luck

by Lilac Mills

Daisy Jones has hit rock bottom. Or so she believes.

A cheating boyfriend, trouble at work, having to move back in with her mother, and being forced to compare her brother’s loved-up, newly-wed status and brand-new shiny house with her own dire lack of prospects, isn’t what she imagined her life was going to be like at thirty. To top it all off, Christmas is just around the corner!

Daisy, bless her, thinks things can’t possibly get any worse, but when her ancient great-grandmother persuades her to plant a silver sixpence in the Christmas pud for luck, Daisy is about to discover that they most definitely can.


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Can a Sixpence bring you luck when your life is currently going down the tubes?

Well Daisy is just that.  Down on her luck.  Caught boyfriend cheating. CHECK  Move back home in her mother’s home. CHECK  Becoming a member of the woman man haters club.  Double CHECK  Can life get any worse?  Well grandma Gee Gee seems to think that giving her grand daughter a Sixpence will bring her luck and maybe just maybe life will get back on track for Daisy.  Well that is after you mix up ingredients to make Christmas pudding, everyone take a turn to stir the pudding with wishes, wish on the Sixpence before putting it in the pudding, cook the pudding for 8 hours and then finally eat the pudding finding the Sixpence.  Whoosh!!!  Luck is yours!  That is if you don’t choke on it first.

This book is hilariously funny.  A perfect read for the holiday season.  I really loved the concept that the book is centered around.  Sixpence for Luck! How exciting right!?!  I really enjoy reading books with a fun fact item that the a story is built around.

This was such a feel good read.  I smiled, laughed, frowned and cried.  A highly entertaining read full of witty fun and romance.  I had a hard time putting the book down.  I was hanging on, not wanting to miss what would happen to Daisy next.  If it weren’t for bad luck Dasiy dear would have no luck at all.  This book had some real doozy twists in it.  Some will have you in stitches.  Others will have you mad and some will make you cry.

The characters have such charisma and charm.  I especially found Freddie to be funny as hell anda little bit on the dramatic side.  I fell in love with Dr Hartley.  He is so dreamy and slightly silly with his overactive imagination.  As that imagination got him into a bit of trouble with Daisy now and then.  Poor Poor Daisy.  Man did she have it rough.

This is the second book by Lilac Mills that I have read.  I really enjoy her way of writing romance.  She makes the stories so entertaining with charming and funny characters.  Her books are very enjoyable.  The characters are developed and the stories flow so smoothly.  She takes a book with a serious side to it and adds in a romantic charm with a funny twist.  I will definitely be on the look out for more from this author.

*ARC provided by Lilac Mills & Neverland Blog Tours


For a little fun

Image result for sixpence for good luckThe History of the Silver Sixpence

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe.

What is a sixpence?

A sixpence was a coin used in the British Empire beginning in 1551. One sixpence represented six pennies. The last year of use of the sixpence coin was 1967.

How did the sixpence tradition begin?

In the middle ages, the people were very superstitious. They believed that much of their life was controlled by evil spirits. Anything they could do to ward off those spirits was wise. They felt that those evil spirits were particularly active during rites of passage, such as weddings, so it was important to use good luck charms to keep the bride and groom safe on their wedding day. Any type of talisman from a horseshoe to a lucky coin was considered a good omen.

During the early 1600’s it was customary for the Lord of the Manor to give his bride a piece of silver as a wedding gift. This was symbolically represented by a sixpence coin. It later became a tradition to include a sixpence in the dowry that was given by the bride’s family to the groom. That tradition of the sixpence as a symbol of good luck continues today.

Some families have passed down the same sixpence through the generations to continue the hope for good luck to future brides. It’s also nice to seek out a sixpence minted in the year of your parents or grandparents wedding, birth years, or some other important family occasion.

Why is there a “thistle” on the back of many sixpence coins?

The thistle is the national flower of Scotland. According to legend in the 1200’s the Danes from northern Europe attempted to invade Scotland. Hiding under the cover of darkness their raid upon sleeping defenders was stopped when a barefoot raider stepped on a thistle and howled out in pain, alerting the defenders who drove the Danes away. The thistle started appearing on Scottish coins in 1470. The back of the last sixpence features a garland of roses, thistle, shamrock (three leaf clover), and leek. The words “Fid Def” are also on the back of the sixpence. This is Latin for fidei desfensor, or defender of the faith.

*Information on the histoy of the sixpence copied and pulled from


Guest Post

I’ve been a beta reader for a long time now, and it’s something I get great satisfaction out of.

If you don’t already know, a beta reader is someone who will read an author’s work before it is published (before ARCs are distributed in fact) to gauge a typical reader’s response to a novel. This stage generally fits in after the editor has had her say and before publication.

For the author, it’s a good idea. If the majority of responses come back negative, then he should revisit his manuscript, as this is a good indicator that readers in general may not like his work.

But being a beta reader should involve more than simply saying “I liked it”. Although the author will be delighted to hear such a thing, it won’t provide him with the necessary tools to help him grow as a writer. Similarly, saying “I hated it”, won’t do him any favours either. It might just make him cry for a week!

What the author needs to hear are the reasons for liking or disliking it. Yes, I know not every book will appeal to every reader (I wish), but say an author sends out 10 copies, and 7 of his betas tell him the same thing, then he has cause to have a serious rethink about whatever that thing is. I know that entails rewrites (gotta love those little darlings), and sending the manuscript back to the editor again, but it can’t be helped. And authors will thank you for your honesty. Just don’t be too harsh – please…

The reason why I say the book needs to be in more or less publication condition, is that as a reader you shouldn’t be distracted by typos, bad grammar, spelling mistakes, etc. You should read a clean copy, so your feedback reflects what a typical reader might say.

Personally, I’m quite happy to accept an unpolished manuscript, and I’ll feedback with notes on plot holes  (if there are any), what I think of the characters, the story arc, whether I feel it is rushed in places, or if I think chunks can be omitted (backstory is one of my pet hates!), or anything else which I feel doesn’t work.

I also feedback on what does work, though I do find that the less I have to say, the more I enjoyed the book and the less I can find to nit-pick about. The length of time it takes me to read a novel is also a good indicator, for if I am engrossed in a story, the devil himself has to wrestle it away from me! So I’ll pass that detail on to the author too.

Beta reading takes time. It’s not your simple read and review. I often pause to make notes, and if something doesn’t work in the book, I sometimes have to have a good search as to why.

But it is rewarding, and even though the author may not act on any of my comments (and I never really know if he has because I rarely read the published article), I feel that I have helped them develop their craft – even if it is only to tell them how wonderful they are and to please keep on writing!

Author PhotoBio

Lilac spends all her time writing, or reading, or thinking about writing or reading, often to the detriment of her day job, her family, and the housework. She apologises to her employer and her loved ones, but the house will simply have to deal with it!

She calls Worcester home, though she would prefer to call somewhere hot and sunny home, somewhere with a beach and cocktails and endless opportunities for snoozing in the sun…

When she isn’t hunched over a computer or dreaming about foreign shores, she enjoys creating strange, inedible dishes in the kitchen, accusing her daughter of stealing (she meant to say “borrowing”) her clothes, and fighting with her husband over whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher.




And A Sixpence For Luck Giveaway!

Prize: Signed copy of the book and a silver sixpence necklace

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Happy Happy Hump Day!!!! 

And let me tell you it has been a bugger of a week!  Friday can’t get here soon enough.  So let us get this Hump Day show on the road!  Here are those hot little numbers that will have you excited to get through the week!

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Idris Elba Dark Tower ad

Image result for happy birthday from idris elba   Happy Birthday Idris Elba | Men and their appeal | Pinterest ...    How to Transform a Three-Piece into a Triple Threat, Starring Idris Elba Photos | GQIdris Elba opens up about his journey from teenage DJ to beloved star with three new movies




Widow of Papina
Katie Hamstead
Published by: Soul Mate Publishing
Publication date: December 2017
Genres: Adult, Mystery, Romance

Forrest and Braydon Miller moved to the small town of Papina to follow their dreams and start a family. Braydon loves her new life in the quiet town, kept alive by the prestigious boarding school overlooking the valley. She is so proud of her husband’s work, helping the teens on the reservation.

Until one day, Forrest doesn’t come home.

Scandal spreads when it’s discovered that one of the teenagers is missing, too. But, Braydon refuses to believe her husband would leave her. When the teen is found, she isn’t talking–literally.

While Braydon’s heart is breaking, she must hold her crumbling life together, raise her son, trust in the Sheriff’s loyal, and ever-growing devotion, and find a way to love the MUTE teenager enough to discover the truth of what happened to her husband.

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Author Bio:

Born and raised in Australia, Katie’s early years of day dreaming in the “bush”, and having her father tell her wild bedtime stories, inspired her passion for writing.

After graduating High School, she became a foreign exchange student where she met a young man who several years later she married. Now she lives in Arizona with her husband, daughter and their dog.

She has a diploma in travel and tourism which helps inspire her writing.

When her debut novel, Kiya: Hope of the Pharaoh, climbed into bestselling status, she believed she was onto something, and now has a slew of novels now available, and is published through Curiosity Quills Press, Soul Mate Publishing, and REUTS Publishing.

Katie loves to out sing her friends and family, play sports, and be a good wife and mother. She now works as an Acquisitions Editor to help support her family. She loves to write, and takes the few spare moments in her day to work on her novels.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter




Hellhounds |Book Blitz

Esther E. Schmidt
(Death by Reaper MC #1)
Publication date: November 28th 2017
Genres: Adult, Paranormal

In the last year, Eliana has been aware of the paranormal world that merges with the humans. Knowing it and living in it are two very different things when your next breath could end up being your last.

Alistair, Hellhound shifter and President of the Death by Reaper MC Hell Charter, is unexpectedly confronted with his true mate. As the balance of good and evil is shifted, a battle is the only solution. One where family ties are unwillingly being pulled into the mix and a simple choice of sides might end up in losing the woman he just claimed as his. A Hellhound has an eternal vow to never walk out on the losing side. Even more so when he’s had a slice of heaven.

Evil hides in the inevitable to rectify redemption. Dive into book one of Death by Reaper MC and submit to the sentimental truth that crawling into the darkness might be the only good this world has to offer.

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“You’re dead.” The drunk sneers.

The chick squats down and snatches up the half broken bottle. She throws a quick glance over her shoulder, probably to look for an exit strategy. That’s the moment we lock eyes. The corner of her mouth tips up in a smile, as if she fucking sees me. Sliding her eyes slightly down, she eyes the right side of my cut where it states ‘Death By Reaper MC’.

Os slaps the back of his hand against my pecs. “Dude. Are you visible right now? ‘Cause I swear it seems as if she’s looking right at you.”

Normally we keep in the shadows, it’s just easier that way. Like now. I know I’m not visible to humans, but it seems she can see me.

“Now you’ve done it.” Her voice is like a gentle caress when she talks to the drunk. “The reapers are coming for you,” she adds in a fucking sing-song voice.

“What the fuck? She knows what we are?” I growl. “How the hell…”

I don’t get a chance to finish my sentence because the drunk lunges forward. Before I can reach the chick, she sidesteps and kicks him in the back, making him face plant into the pavement.

The chick throws the crushed bottle she’s holding against the wall. “You two can handle this further, right? I have a train to catch.”

What the? “Os, reap the drunk’s soul,” I order before I catch up with the woman who’s hightailing it out of here and heading for the platform.

With her next breath, I’ve got her pinned against the wall with my body, blocking her every exit strategy. My nose trails a path down the curve of her neck. The hoodie she’s wearing over her head falls down, exposing her neck some more. Underneath her skin I can clearly see a vein where her heartbeat picks up speed. My fangs elongate and my mouth waters from her incredible sweet scent as I nuzzle her neck.

I just can’t help myself, it’s like an automatic craving that has been triggered. It seems to be the same way for her because her lower body arches forward in the limited space she has. This chick shivers in my grip and with that releases a turmoil of emotion inside me. Reaching the spot where her neck meets her collarbone, I have no control over what happens next.

Her head tilts, a submissive gesture, as if she’s granting me permission; offering herself to me. A true mate is one in a million, a connection that’s mutual, a pull you will only feel once in your life and know the second it hits. And it’s hitting me now, full force.


Author Bio:

Esther E. Schmidt, author of Areion Fury MC, Broken Deeds MC, Wicked Throttle MC, Lost Valkyries MC, Death by Reaper MC, The Dudnik Circle series, and The Swamp Heads series. She’s a graphic designer that also loves to write. She released her first series “Areion Fury MC” in October 2015. Esther lives in The Netherlands with her family, three daughters, and a crazy bulldog. She loves to write erotic Romance about bad boy Alphas with a heart for only one woman. To make it a bit interesting, that woman needs to be a badass herself. She loves to work out and most of her story lines come from doing cardio.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



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Review | Stepbrother For Christmas

Stepbrother for Christmas by [Brent, Amy , Gray, Candy ]Santa knows I have been a naughty little girl,

Touching myself to my stepbrother fantasies.

And now, Santa wants to punish me.

The punishment shouldn’t feel so good, right?

How can the one person I can’t have be the only one I need this Christmas? 

My crude, arrogant, filthy rich stepbrother! 

Those Greek God looks and that panty melting, devilish smile…

Shhh…you didn’t hear that from me, okay?

He’s teasing me, tormenting me, hurting me…

And I am loving every moment of it.

Then he tells me that he’s going to protect me.

That he’s going to be loyal.

He wants me,

I need him.

The problem?

He’s my boyfriend stepbrother, and I want to please him – in every way possible.

How do I let Santa know that I don’t want forgiveness? 

I just want my HOT Stepbrother for Christmas. 

This is a 35,000 words novella length, over the top filthy romance that is sure to melt your kindle. No cliffhangers and an HEA you will love!

Steamy bonus content included for extra pleasure.




Well if that wasn’t the hottest step sibling story I have ever read!  A hot little number just in time for the Christmas Holiday.

In this book Crystal is a med student going home for the holidays.  She has had the hots for her step-brother for years.  Even though she has not seen him in years, her body still yearns to see him and wants him to touch her.  Is is wrong to want these things.  Yes!  Can she help her fantasies?  No!

Dylan is finally going to go home for the holidays.  He is edgy, horny and needs to unwind.  With plans to just stop in and say hello, Dylan decides it is best to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with his father, step-mom and step-sister.  No big deal.  He will just go out and find his pleasures and then crash.

All that changes however the moment he sees Crystal at the top of the stairs.  Holy shit!  Is that his step-sister!?!  Now he is not sure he can stay without putting his hands on her.  Man this is a bad idea.

Wow!   This is a quick hot as fuck read!  Let me tell you.  The sense of the danger of getting caught really does heighten the excitement of the book.  The forbidden.  This book will have you wet and begging for more.  The touching, the heat, the naughtiness.  Oh My!  The sex is so hot it will melt off your panties ladies!  So break out the vibrators and dive into this quickie.

*ARC provided by Amy Brent


Reviewed By:


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