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Mr. Marine

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Is there such thing as a “no-strings fling?”

Probably not. But Sarah is gonna give it a go. With divorce papers sitting on her kitchen table. The next stop is the Caribbean paradise of Aruba with all her besties. Join Sarah as she embarks on a short but passionate affair that takes her on an er0tic tour around the island with one helluva $exy retired marine.

Author’s Note: This is a standalone HEA story of 30,000 words. This book includes scenes that will make your knees weak and is intended for adults only. For a limited time, there are bonus stories to extend your reading pleasure. 


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Can you say holy fuck!  I want my vacation to be like that!  Sarah is getting divorced from her cheating husband. Her ex-husband has the kids for the summer and Ruby Sarah‘s best friend suggest a girls week vacation. So off to Aruba the girls head. With the girls setting the goal to get Sarah laid.  Sara meets Marcus a recently retired Marine. He is hot is sin and sex on a stick. This story is all about Sarah‘s hot vacation tryst with Marcus. It is a great story of hot sex and adventure.  You will be curling toes this book is so hot! A great read for those lonely nights!





4 thoughts on “Mr Marine |Book Review 

  1. Jeez Patty, try not to be so reserved with your reviews. After all, this is YOUR blog, and you should feel free to fully express your feelings without being so discreet! 🙂 🙂
    Hmm, as a former Marine myself, I might just have to check this one out to see if Marcus is doing his job by upholding the high standards the Marine Corps! 🙂

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  2. Well, I simply couldn’t resist. I just bought MY MARINE at Amazon. Only because the location is Aruba, mind you. I’ve been to Bonaire (great diving!); Aruba and Curacao are on my bucket list before I croak. I’m hoping to get to know the “terrain” around Aruba from my fellow Jarhead, Marcus. We Marines have to stick together, after all. Semper Fi and all that! 🙂

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