Book Review| Single Dad’s Christmas Present

Just one month, right?

What harm could this possibly do?

I am supposed to live with Gage for some time, and he’s supposed to protect me.

What he doesn’t know is that I am falling for him.

I have dreamed of his muscular body, those perfect abs and that package…I am sure, it’s HUGE!

I know he wants me too.

Why else would his eyes trail my curves, stopping at every hill and mountain?

I can tell by the way he looks at me.

Alright, wanting him at this time is bad news.

Carrying his baby, even worse!

And age difference isn’t the only thing we need to overcome.

Did I mention he’s the hottest single dad around…and experienced too…and he’s my dad’s best friend?

Dad’s going to kill us if he finds out.

The affair can be a secret, sure.

But the gift I have planned for Gage this Christmas?

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OMG!  Amy has done it again.  What an outstanding book.  A perfect Christmas romance. Bravo Bravo 👏

Gage is a single father, losing his wife to cancer a few years previous.  His best friend Congressman Beau calls one day asking a favor, to which Gage has no choice but to agree, seeing how Beau was there for him when his wife passed.

Amber is the daughter of Beau and she is going through a terrible divorce, from her abusive husband Scott.  After leaving her husband with a few belongings and her son, Scott begins to plead to the media that she is a liar and he will take his son back.  To get her away from the media storm her father asks a favor from his best friend Gage.

Gage takes Amber and her son to stay with him and his daughter.  As time passes the four of them become close like a family.  Gage and Amber fall into love.  With one phone call from Scott that all changes.  With Scott threatening Amber she runs.  How will Amber fix this?  Gage is upset and has no idea where she is?  Can they find a way to fix this and come back together?

This book was so sweet.  I’m a sucker for a good romantic knight in shining armor kind of tale.  This book has everything.  It has pain, fear, blackmail, sadness, family and love.  I just love the characters.   I just fell into their story.  Two wonderful people who have had a rough time of things lately, coming together to heal each other.  

Amy has such an amazing way of telling a story.   The story flows so flawlessly and effortlessly.  She creates a story that is believable.   She also writes steamy scenes that have you begging for more.  I like how her books are balanced with a perfect mix of sex and story. Sex not overtaking the whole book.  She creates characters that make you feel invested in their story and have you falling in love.  She is an amazing writer.   I enjoy all her books.

*ARC provided by Amy Brent



Amy Brent Amy writes hot, spicy romances that feature gorgeous alpha men who love to protect their women. Amy’s heroes are rough, hot, bad boys and billionaires who possess that soft heart a woman definitely yearns for.

Wanna read about older men, single dads, and their totally off limits younger women?

You are at the perfect place!

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