Hump Day


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It’s that time of week again.  HUMP DAY!!!!  That’s right.  Our favorite day of the week is always better when Moohnshine’s Corner is involved.  So without further ado…….

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$3.99 or Free on KU

$2.99 or Free on KU


$0.99 or Free on KU

Fabulous Freebies

Dark Erotic Reads


Pintrest Man of the Week

I will gladly share that hammock with you, Adam Levine.   Thank you Adam Levine for posing for the "Everyman" foundation to raise awareness about testicular cancer =)

Adam Levine

Voted People’s Sexiest Man

Because People Magazine says so:

Cool Top 30 Adam Levine Haircut and Hairstyles  #maroon5 #adamlevine #ROCKINRIO2017

Need I Say More?!?


This Hump Day Brought To You By:



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