Book Review | SEAL’S Secret


SEAL’s Secret

by Virginia Sexton (Goodreads Author)Ruby Steele (Goodreads Author)
 4.77  ·   Rating details ·  26 Ratings  ·  23 Reviews


Coming home means coming hard.
I’ve never cared who with, until her.

Sweet and sassy, she’s not just that young girl I remember.
She’s all grown up. She even has a kid now.

I’ve never set my sights on a single mom before… but getting her alone has me growing in all the right places.

The kid’s actually pretty cool, too.

She thinks I want a quick lay, but I’m ready to stake my claim.

And Daddy always gets what Daddy wants.


I haven’t seen him since my daughter came into my life.

He’s turned into a grown a@@ man, complete with hard-won muscles and an impressive military record.

The way he looks at me now, that all-consuming determination in his eyes, is fanning the flames of my youthful crush into a raging fire.

But if I get too close, I’m going to get burned.

He doesn’t know the truth about my daughter, and I’m not about to tell him.

He’s a soldier. I know they love and leave.

My little girl deserves a father, not a come-and-go seaman donor.

And I can’t bear to have him disappear with both our hearts…

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Awwww this was such a sweet romance.  Toby is home on leave from the Navy Seals.  Upon arriving home his family greets him with the news that they planned a two-week camping trip with all of their friends and family.  This of course is the last thing he wants.  Being around all those people roughing it in the outdoors, when all he wants is his close family and his comfy bed.  But he paste a smile on his face and goes with the flow.

Casey is best friends with Toby’s little sister Kelly.  Kelly talks Casey into bringing her daughter on the welcome home camping trip she has planned for Toby.  Upon arrival Toby and Casey hit it off immediately.  She is reluctant to give into her urges, only to be left behind when his leave is up in a month.

Toby wants more from Casey than one night.  Can he convince her to give him a chance?

Ohh!  This story really has some wicked twists.  I did not expect it to develop the way that it did.  Very cool when the story can throw you a good curve ball.  The characters in this story are very fun and entertaining.  This book was a page turner from the beginning and was a quick read.  I really enjoyed the story plot and how it developed throughout.  Very happy ending.

*ARC provided by Virginia Sexton



Virginia Sexton

Virginia Sexton has been travelling her whole life – Europe, North America, the South Pacific – and prefers to call all of them home. She wrote and illustrated her first story, “The Banana Boat,” at age eight. To this day, it is one of her most cherished possessions.

Virginia has two writing companions, her cats, Pepper and Max, and enjoys sending pictures of them to her friends when she should be writing. Her hobbies include photography, salsa dancing, and cooking — especially if the recipe involves ham or she’s whipping up a batch of homemade marshmallows.

She loves strong, sexy men who smoke cigars, drink cognac, and know how to treat a lady… especially when she’s been naughty. Lighting a candle and burning some jasmine incense helps her get in the mood… for the next book.

Virginia writes the kind of stories she enjoys reading — steamy romances that always end with happily-ever-afters. She loves making an accomplished alpha fall hard for his perfect match, and thinks it’s delicious when he must work to win over her heart, while also making her knees go weak and leaving her breathless in all the right ways.

*Author picture and bio from Amazon






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