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Banner (2).jpgThe Big Little Festival (Rabbit’s Leap, Book 2) by [Hailes, Kellie]


Love happens when you least expect it…

Jodi is panicking. It’s only weeks until her little village in Devon holds its first ever festival and everything is falling apart.

Desperate to avoid disaster, she brings in notorious party planner Christian to save the day. Although she wasn’t prepared for just how gorgeous he would be!

Men are off the cards for Jody and surely Christian is the last man she would ever date? But with tensions rising – along with the bunting and home-made scones – she’s about to find out…

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First off I want to say how much I loved this book cover.  It is so eye-catching and adorable.  Second this is the first book of Kellie Hailes that I have decided to read and I found it to be a sweet cozy little romance.  A feel good read that you would like curled up in a hammock outside swinging in the spring breeze.

The story takes place in a little town called Rabbits Leap.  Jody is running the committee for the town festival and is drowning.  She hires Christian an entertainment planner to come in to assist her.  But when Christian shows up and tries to take over, she immediately regrets the decisions.  She wasn’t prepared for how cute he was or how well he interacted with her twin sons.  With the pressure closing in and the time-table running out she is starting to wonder if this was a bad idea.  Will Jody and Christian be able to pull off this festival?  Will she let down her walls and let him in?

These characters made this book.  From the snarky adorable twins, to Christian and his suave ways of talking people into things.  Jody is such an amazing woman raising two twin boys on her own with no family but her brother and best friend.  Scraping to get by.  She wants to give back to the town that has been there for her since her family died leaving just her brother and the twins.  Christian in the beginning seems to be only out for his self but he shows more of his true side as the story goes on.

This is a fun read with loads of quirky fun.  It is cozy with a refreshing feel.  Full of humor, fun and lots of love.  I believe that you will fall in love with the folks of Rabbits Leap and come back for more.

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Author Bio:

Kellie Hailes

At the age of five Kellie Hailes declared she was going write books when she grew up. It took a while for her to get there, with a career as a radio copywriter, freelance copywriter and web writer filling the dream-hole, until now. Kellie lives on an island-that’s-not-really-an-island in New Zealand with her patient husband, funny little human and neurotic cat. When the characters in her head aren’t dictating their story to her, she can be found taking short walks, eating good cheese and hankering for her next coffee fix.

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Twitter:  @KellieHailes




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