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Obsessed – A Billionaire Love Triangle

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Veronica “Ronni” Sanchez was a beautiful, talented, and bright woman that had grown up in a home being loved and cherished by a family that wasn’t her own. When tragedy struck and her parents were killed, the family they worked for took Ronni in, gave her an education, and treated her like one of their own. After another tragedy strikes, Ronni takes off for college looking toward the future. When she returns she is more than just the tiny Mexican orphan she once was and she finds herself stuck in a love triangle that could make her or break her.


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My Review

I want to start out by saying I love Mia Ford’s books.  This book was a great book, but it was not my favorite of hers.  I wish that the love triangle had a different angle to it.  I was expecting both sides of the triangle to love her when it seemed as if it was a one-sided love triangle with more anger and revenge on the other side.  Even though it was not what I expected, it was still a great story.

In this story Nathan and Nick are brothers to a real estate mongrel.  When they were growing up their house keeper and her husband died in a tragic car accident leaving behind their 6-year-old daughter Ronni.  Nathan and Nicks mother took her under her wing and made her part of the family.  When tragedy strikes taking the life of their mother, their father ships her off to boarding school.

Nathan has been running his father’s business for years now and Nick wants the whole pie.  Nick hates that Nathan won’t let him make any decisions in the business.  So they are constantly bickering back and forth.  After going to boarding school and college Ronni is back and she is all grown up.  Nick sees her as a bargaining chip to hurt Nathan.

As Nick taunts Nathan by going out with Ronni, things get heated and Nick turns their father in the wrong direction.  Can Nathan walk away from his family?  Can Nathan do the right thing to protect Ronni, even if it means breaking her heart?  Will Nick get everything he every wanted?

This love triangle had a lot of anger and revenge to it.  The story and characters was well-developed.  I felt though as if there could have been a little more to Nathan and Nick than there was.  Ronni was a marvelous character.  She was strong, caring, sweet and extremely intelligent.  Nick was an ass.   That is really all I can say about him.  Nathan is wonderful, even though he puts others before his self.  He is smart and dominate.

This story had betrayal, lies, family, heartache and love.  Even though it was a page turner I found some parts a tad slower than others, but overall a great read.  Mia Ford is an excellent author who takes erotic sexy characters and gives them a wonderful story to go with a hot cup of sex.  Can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next.

*ARC provided by Mia Ford



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Mia Ford is a contemporary romance writer who loves strong, gorgeous, Greek God like alpha men who love protecting their sassy and sexy women.

She has many of my books hitting the TOP 100 on Amazon’s paid store!!!

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