Billionaire’s Date -69th St. Bad Boys| Review


I have finally found my match. 
Ruby Woods – the sexy, sassy, smart executive who’s got the reputation of pushing her agenda through everything.
I’ve heard she’s an overachiever at work,
She plays to win.
And she does not want a relationship.
She’s too busy fighting for a cause.
Or fighting me, I should say!
And this is not going to end nice.
Because I am done playing the nice CEO at work.
One night with her,
And all I wanna play now, is a terrific bedroom game.
A game that lasts forever,
I bet that s*xy a$$ and those perky nip*les would be a treat to watch and play with.
But what’s gonna happen when she finds out about the big secret I am hiding?
There is a lot at stake, and I have to make a choice. 
You bet it’s a tough one!

This is the FIRST Novella in the 69th St. Bad Boys Series! No cliffhangers and HEA guaranteed!

My Review

Bravo! Bravo! Mia Ford has done it again with another great billionaire romance story.  Her books are such great stories to get lost in.  A wonderful story of imagination that is easy to see yourself in her characters shoes, living the fantasy.

In this book Nathan is a CEO of a financial accounting firm.  His best friend Chris is a finance advisor for him and he is trying to talk Nathan into outsourcing to grow the company.  Nathan is unsure of doing that.  He thinks that it goes against all he has built.  But he will think about it and weigh all the pros and cons with the facts.

Ruby is sweet girl who works for the rights of others.  She does protesting and works for a huge company called Climate X.  They work for human rights and injustices.  She is currently working hard on a protest against outsourcing.

One night her sister sets her up on a blind date.  The guy is an absolute jerk.  So she leaves the date and goes to a club to drown her sorrows.  As she is sitting at the bar a handsome man comes in and they start talking.  Before she knows it they have talked the night away and he asks her to go home with him.

Nathan cannot believe his luck.  This beautiful woman named Ruby agreed to go home with him.  She is so amazing, intelligent and sexy.  The next morning he can’t believe how much he wants to see her again.  Nothing about the situation seems uncomfortable.

Things with them progress but when secrets come out everything is jeopardized and he may just lose the only woman who could mean anything to him or see him past his money.

I love the immediate comforting chemistry that Nathan and Ruby have from the start.  Their love story seem to flow perfectly.  They were made for each other.  Both have an integrity that makes them wholesome and honest individuals.

I love reading Mia’s books.  Her stories flow so smoothly you can easily imagine that you are one of her characters and lose yourself in the fantasy of a steamy hot romance with a gorgeous sexy rich man.  Her story plots are easily identifiable and easy to relate to even if a little above your normal reality.  You can be your own Cinderella in one of her books.  If you have never read one of her books, then I suggest that you do that.  You will not regret it.

*ARC provided by Mia Ford


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4 thoughts on “Billionaire’s Date -69th St. Bad Boys| Review

    • Thanks girl. I am soooo behind on my ARC’s it is not even funny. I had bronchitis all week and it has taken me longer to read. agghhh!!! I am trying to keep up with my ARC groups that I am in. I am so glad you are enjoying the books though. I have had great luck this month with a bunch of great ones.


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