Hump Day!!!! 10/4

Happy Hump Day Peeps!!!!

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Yep!  It is that day of the week again.  The one that puts us halfway to the end!  I look forward to this day because it is sexy man candy book day!  That’s right!  So without further ado……

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$0.99 or Free on KU


Sexy Freebies

My favorite part….PINTREST MAN OF THE WEEK!


Gerard Butler

I have a thing for hot men with accents!  

and look at those eyes! 

Gerard Butler is a 43 year old Scottish actor who started out as a lawyer. He was  in the movies P.S. I Love You, 300, Playing for Keeps, and The Ugly Truth.  

12/20/13 Gerard Butler visits Liberian kids while working with Mary's Meals

holy !@#$ GUYS THATS THE PHANTOM!!!!!!!!!! IM THROWING UP RAINBOWS!!!!!<<< You're the best "Gerard Butler is a Boss Scot -"

Drool worthy!

*All photos are pulled from the Pintrest site and are not mine.


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