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36340210SEAL Dearest (Navy SEAL Brotherhood Romance Love Story)

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Xander was a tough Navy SEAL, one of the toughest. When his tour was over, and he was sent home, he found that having nothing, or no one to come home to, was just fine with him. He secluded himself from people, from love, and kept to himself in the mountains of Bethel Maine. When the winter storm took a bad turn, he found himself struggling with his PTSD, and then to make matters worse, a wounded hiker ended up laid up in his cabin until the storm passed. She was beautiful, mysterious, but he couldn’t wait until he could get her back down the mountain and out of his life.

Bailey was a school teacher, a caretaker for her sick father, and an all-around sweet girl. She devoted her life to helping others, so it was quite the surprise when she found herself the one who needed help. Hurt on the trail, a storm blasting through violently that she’d not known about, and now this man, long golden hair, goatee and covered in scruff, was carrying her up the mountain, not down. She couldn’t remember anything, not even her name. How was she ever going to get home, and where was home?

SEAL Dearest is an 80,000 word standalone Navy SEAL romance with a HEA and no cheating.

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Oh! This was such a sweet story. Story starts off with an ex- Navy seal named Xander finding a woman hurt on a trail near his secluded cabin. A snow storm rolls in quickly and he has no way of finding help for her.  When she awakens she cannot remember who she is or where she came from or how she came to become on the mountain. He’s able to reach out to his friend Liam and have him investigate if anyone is looking for a missing woman fitting her description.  After several weeks of being together they have grown really close and then Liam shows up out of the blue. He has information saying that a woman matching her description has been reported missing and that her name is Bailey. Bailey is not thrilled with going back to the life she had before,but then suddenly starts remembering that her sick father is waiting for her alone. So Bailey has to go back no matter how hard it is for her and how much her heart breaks. She begs Xander to go with but he refuses.  Will she ever see Xander again?

The story was so sweet and sad at the same time. Xander is dealing with a lot of issues from his past in the Navy SEALs. His PTSD is extremely bad and the nightmares horrible. This is the whole reason why he is alone in the woods away from all civilization. Bailey is a sweet schoolteacher who is taking care of her father who has cancer.  The characters are wonderful. The story flows so smoothly.

This book will grab you by the heartstrings and pull until you can’t breathe.  I was hooked from the very first page and could not put the book down. It was such a heart-felt story. You could just feel the love between the two main characters and wish that everything will turn out perfect for them, when in reality it is not so easy.  This was a wonderful read, but be ready to have a box of tissues on hand.

*ARC provided by Savannah May and Ivy Jordan



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