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Happy Release Day! Review | The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift:

A Bad Boy Christmas Romance

 4.94  ·  Rating details ·  17 Ratings  ·  17 Reviews
She’s my sister’s Best Friend
And I want to give her something…BIG!I am a billionaire businessman with an empire to run
Women were just an after thought in my life
Until that hot Christmas Eve
When I fell for those amazing curves of hers
It was supposed to be just for one night
After a long gap I see her again at my sister’s wedding
She’s still HOT as ever but avoiding me
I guess she is hiding somethingDon’t worry son! Daddy’s gonna win back your Mommy!

This is a FULL LENGTH Secret Baby Romance with HEA guaranteed!!! Also included with this book is a never before published novella – BILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR to double your pleasure!!!

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My Review

OMG!  I loved this book.  Mia Ford has out done herself this time.  I really enjoy reading her books.  She doesn’t just write a romance with a lot of sex, she writes an actual story.  This time she really took the story to new heights with action and thrills like you would not believe.

In this story Casey is a beautiful girl who lives with her mother.  Her father died years ago.  She is shy and reserved and has not dated alot.  Her best friend Natalie comes over for Christmas Eve one year and her brother Dex comes along.  When Natalie has to leave suddenly and Casey’s mother has to go drop food at the mission, Dex and Casey get close.  She gives him the gift of her virginity, then he is gone.

Dex is a billionaire who is building his family’s company.  He doesn’t have time for a relationship.  He is married to his job.  He has been traveling for the past five years and now it is time to come home for his sister’s wedding.  He is a little excited since it has been five years since his night with the sexy Casey and he has not been able to think of no one since.  He hopes that she is still available for a few weeks of fun before he has to go back to work again.

When Casey and Dex meet during the ceremony, she is still as beautiful and sexy as ever.  He still wants her.  But something seems off.  She seems like she still wants him and his sister confirms she is still single, so what could it be?  When Casey disappears during the ceremony and doesn’t return he is upset.  His sister tells him to leave her be, that Casey wants someone who will be there and commit.

Dex knows he should listen to his sister, but like a jackass he can’t.  He shows up on her doorstep and everything changes.  They have another night together and poof.  He disappears again.  Casey is done.  She can’t keep opening her heart to him for him to keep breaking.  Will Dex return?  Will Casey be able to keep her secret and move on with her life?

This story has so much more than just a romantic playboy billionaire.  It has love, heart-break, deceit, and terrifying moments.  You will get angry, scared, sad and happy throughout the story. The characters are amazing and charismatic.  This is not your typical holiday love story.

I think this is one of Mia’s best books yet.  It was like watching a thriller movie and you are grabbing on to the seat to scared to move.  You won’t stop reading afraid you will miss what happens next.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I think you will too.

*ARC provided  by Mia Ford



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