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Title: Fix Me NotSeries: The Fix Series Book 2
Author: Carey Heywood
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: September 22, 2017 

Paige Sullivan’s life is a train wreck. In a matter of months she lost her business, her swanky apartment, and her big city life. Now she’s stuck in Nowhere, New Hampshire, sleeping on her mom’s couch. If that wasn’t bad enough, she’s forced to do odd jobs for money. She has a plan though, and once she’s saved enough, she’s out of there. That is, as long as she doesn’t murder her sexy new employer first.


Asher Thompson is the ruggedly handsome hermit of the Thompson clan. Tall, ridiculously sexy despite his beard, and annoyingly aloof, his main concern is his privacy. He fills his days with his work as a carpenter and the peaceful solitude of his lake house. A peaceful solitude that vanished the moment Paige Sullivan stormed into his life, hell-bent on driving him crazy.
The problem is, opposites attract and each time they cross paths she works her way further under his skin.


“Here,” Paige says, passing me a water and a plate of fries through my window.
I’m back in the parking lot of the Moose tonight, parked right next to Millie’s Explorer.
“Are you trying to drug me?” I had asked.
She shrugs her slender shoulders. “Consider it a truce.”
I’ve finished all of the fries and am still working on my drink when she returns an hour or so later.
“Shouldn’t you be playing with your wood?”
I choke on my water.
“This your idea of a truce?” I ask, once I’m done coughing.
“Humor me,” she says, leaning against my door. “You hired my mom so you wouldn’t have to leave your land. Now you’re leaving it every day to stalk me. What gives?”
My head jerks back. “I am not stalking you.”
She presses her lips together before a bubble of laughter escapes. “What would you call it?”
I frown partly at her question and more so at the way she’s acting. “Why are you being nice to me?”


“Carey Heywood has me addicted, obsessed and fixated on The Fix Up Series.” – Four Chicks Flipping Pages

“…exquisitely written and is a definite MUST READ!! 5 stars!” – FunUnderTheCovers

“..Gah! I loved it! It is one of my top favorites of the year.” – Garden of REden


My Review

This is the second book in The Fix Series.  I just love it.  I think this book is just as good as the first story.  Picking up where the first book left off, Noah and Finley are engaged to be married.  This book however focuses on his brother Asher.  Asher is a reclusive person.  He prefers to be alone and lives on land alone.  He has a house keeper who buys his groceries and brings his mail to him, so he never leaves home.

One day Asher’s house keeper Millie falls and he has to rush her to the hospital.  She has him call her daughter to meet them there.  When her daughter arrives, she is rude and Asher immediately dislikes her and passes judgement.

Paige is down on her luck.  Once a big time event planner in New York, now living on her mom’s sofa.  She has lost her business, is broke and her ex friend took her boyfriend.  When her mom’s fall has her put in a cast, she is forced to work for the perfect Asher that her mom praises.

When Paige shows up at Asher’s house to clean, drop the mail and groceries, Asher is stunned.  He makes a point of telling her he does not want her there.  She doesn’t want to be there but her mom is making her.  Will Asher be able to push aside his dislike of Paige?  Will Paige ever trust anyone or will she run when she gets the money saved up?

In this story you see more of the same characters, but the author introduces some new ones and develops Asher more.  Asher is a very complex person.  I feel he has Aspergers Syndrome, with the way the author has written his character.  He tenses when people touch him or show him attention.  He does not like attention and prefers to focus on his work and being alone on his land.

When Paige comes crashing into his life it is a big adjustment to let her in, not just for him but for her as well.  She is a stubborn individual.  She is determined to move on and find a fresh new start in life.  She has no money, friends and her self-esteem is shot.  I love watching these characters develop and work through their difficulties.

In this book she leaves an opening for another story, by introducing a little more background into Abby.  I am excited to see where her story goes.  If you are looking for a cozy, yet sexy read this is the book for you.  It has it all, from comedy and sweet romance to hot steamy sex.  I highly recommend this series and this book.

*ARC provided by Enticing Journey and Carey Heywood



New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author. She was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Supporting her all the way are her husband, three sometimes-adorable children, a mischievous black cat, and their nine-pound attack Yorkie.

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