Happy Release Day!! Review | Thunder

Happy Release Day!!


(Big D Escort Service Book 1)

by Willow Summers (Goodreads Author)
 4.4  ·   Rating details ·  Ratings  ·  Reviews
Welcome to Big D!ck Escort Service.
If you need a date, we’ve got you.
If you need wining and dining, we’ve got you.
If you need a night you’ll never forget– buckle-up buttercup, because that’s our specialty.
We’ll give you what you need, as hard as you need it.CODE NAME: THUNDER

All the girls call me Thunder.

As in, they need to feel the Thunder between their thighs.

I’m a legend. My waiting list is a mile long. The ladies crave me, and they’ll pay for the pleasure.

But though I hate to disappoint–everyone knows I leave my clients satisfied–it’s getting old. Money, sex, and rock ‘n roll can get stale. Who knew?

I might just finish up, and pull out. I’ll take one more gig, rock her world, and see my way out.

I’ll show one last lucky lady why they call me Thunder.

* * *


That rotten, no good–

My ex-boyfriend of too many years just left me three weeks before the most important wedding of my life.

I wanted to make a statement at that wedding. I’ve changed. I’m no longer the loser who got dumped by the popular boy in high school. Now I’m a successful business woman with clear skin.

But how can I possibly make that sort of statement as a loner?

I can’t, that’s how.

So when my friend suggests hiring a date from the Big D!ck Escort Service, it was hard to laugh it off. And as the days ticked by, it was harder and harder to deny that I needed saving.

No sex, though. I’m not that kinda girl. I’ll just hire the guy for a date, and nothing else.

Just one date without any funny-business. That’s do-able, right?

This is a full-length, sexy rom-com STANDALONE novel with lots of jokes, steam and shenanigans.



Wow!  I gotta say Willow Summers outdid it again.  Another great book.  I am a huge fan of Willow Summers.  Her books are well written and highly entertaining.  This one is no different.

In this book Madison gets dumped by her boyfriend three weeks before her ex-boyfriends wedding, in which she was invited to attend.  She is pissed and upset,  Now she is dateless and unable to show up and prove to the ex that him embarrassing her did not crush her and she is doing fine.  Madison’s best friend Janie talks her into hiring an escort to pretend to be her man.

Colton is tired.  Tired of escorting these rich handsy clients.  He is out.  Done!  Finto!  That is till Dick, head of Big Dick Escort Services reads off a request for Sam.  Sam is no longer employed and someone needs to take his spot.  When Dick reads the reservation request, Colton is extremely intrigued.  So he decides to take one more job.

When Madison opens the door to her date for the wedding, she is shocked.  This is not Sam.  This is  a greek god!  How will she ever convince everyone that they are a loving couple?  This will never work.  Colton on the other hand is floored.  She is amazing.  Wow!  How will he keep to his rule and not touch her?

 julia roberts richard gere pretty woman fire escape GIF

This story was wonderful.  Can you say Pretty “Man” I mean Woman!?  I loved how the story flowed and kept me turning the pages.  I was so entranced by Colton.  He is definitely the definition of a greek god with a heart of gold.  Sexy as hell.  Madison on the other hand has real bad self-esteem issues and has a hard time dealing with those.  But she also has a heart of gold.  The book not only focuses on the wedding story but has some other thriller surprises in store as well.  You will shout out oh my god no! I know I did.  You will even shed a few tears.

Overall the book is funny, sexy and emotional.  It is a steady read with intriguing characters that can’t help but pull you into their world.  If you are looking for a book that will have you laughing one minute and hot and bothered the next, then this is the read for you.  I highly recommend this book as well as other books by Willow.  You will not be disappointed.

*ARC provided by Willow Summers.



Willow SummersWillow Summers is a USA Today Bestselling author of comic, contemporary, erotic and suspense romance. When she’s not writing, be wary, because she will probably try to pull you into some shenanigan or other, usually involving wine and heavy doses of chocolate. She lives just south of wine country with her husband, two children, and out of work treadmill.

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*Author bio and pic pulled from Amazon







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