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Getting down, dirty and deep is what I do best. 
Because I’m an undercover cop & a bad boy at heart
Let’s just say that women love to get under the covers with me
Especially when they know what I’m packing in my jeans…

I’m all set to take down the South Side Gang
I’ve got Richie Silvestri in my sights
All I gotta do is wait, watch, listen, then make my move
It should be just another day in the life of Detective Danny O’Shea

But then she comes: Hannah, Richie’s little sister
She’s the finest piece of a$$ I’ve ever seen
She is smoking hot with a mouth to watch
And all I now think of is burying myself between her thighs

But Hannah is a tough nut to crack
It’s going to take more than my bad boy charm to get those legs spread
But I’ll keep working her, cause that’s what I do

And once I taste her, the whole South Side will explode into flames

This is a steamy Romance with HEA!

Also included is a FULL LENGTH exclusive Romance – “Ssh..Don’t Tell” as bonus!!!

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Wow this book was intense.  Way to go Mia!  Another great book!

In this book Danny O’Shea is an undercover cop in the deep south side of Chicago and his target is a big operator named Richie Silvestri.  Richie has his hands in all kinds of pots.  Drugs, prostitutes, bookie, etc.  He is dirty and needs to be taken out.

Hannah Silvestri is Richie’s little sister and he treats her like crap.  He controls every aspect of her life and she is tired of it.  She is trying hard to make a better life for herself and her goal is to get away from her brother.

When Richie hires a new guy named Danny, his second in command Butch is pissed.  He does not like the way Danny  looks at Hannah.  Richie has promised Butch that Hannah will be his and he intends to make sure that Danny knows his place.  Hannah on the other hand has not gotten the memo.  Butch makes her skin crawl and Danny…well let’s just say her makes her hot and wet.

Richie is dabbling in something big and Danny intends to find out what and take him down.  When the stakes get high Danny sees that things are going bad and fast.  Not what he expected and now Hannah is being sneaky.  Is Hannah in with her brother?  Will Danny figure out what is going on and take Richie down?  Or will his job be jeopardized by a woman who may not be on the right side?

I loved this story.  It had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next.  It was a suspenseful, thrilling, lusty, romantic read.  It was dangerous and exciting.  The characters development was impressive.  The chemistry between Danny and Hannah is hot.  The sex…..let’s just say it will have you curling your toes and panting for more.

I always love reading Mia’s books.  They grab your attention quickly and hold you tight throughout the book.   She has a way of making the characters interesting enough that your imagination runs wild creating your own fantasy image of them.  She seems to have a fascinating way about how she writes her books.  They may be quick reads, but they are never lacking or missing chunks out of the stories.  They flow smoothly and do not have rushed endings.

If you are looking for a thrilling ride, then this book is for you.  You will enjoy every last page.  Don’t forget to read all the way to the end.  There’s a hot bonus scene there that will make you wet.

*ARC provided by Mia Ford   



Mia Ford is a contemporary romance writer who loves strong, gorgeous, Greek God like alpha men who love protecting their sassy and sexy women.

She has several books in the top 100 on Amazon!

Connect with Mia at:


*Author info from Amazon and picture from Mia Ford’s Facebook 







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