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So I was reading my blogger pal Jay’s @This Is My Truth 365 Day Challenge and had a thought…. duh! It’s Wednesday.  I mean how can I forget that it is Hump Day!!!!!  

What is wrong with me?  I have an answer to that question……hurricane.  Yep!  I am blaming Irma.  My office was closed on Monday due to hurricane Irma and so my whole week is off.  Today  feels like Tuesday.  *smack forehead*  

I have Jay to thank for getting me back on track.  He loves my posts or should I say book covers.  He has a wonderful blog, full of interesting topics.  A New Yorker with a beautiful rooftop garden and a cute as hell doggie, whom is featured in several blogs.  He is a wonderful friend and new author.  He has his first book, Watching Glass Shatter being published soon.  Check it out on Goodreads.  Check out his blog and become friends.  You will be glad you did.

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Now without further ado………Here are your HUMP DAY DEALS!!!!!!!!!!

$0.99 or Free on KU

Sexy Ass Freebies




SUPERSTAR ENTERTAINER TIM MCGRAW TO PERFORM GLEN CAMPBELL’S “I’M NOT GONNA MISS YOU” AT THE 87TH ANNUAL OSCARS! Watch on ABC Feb. 22nd! Tim McGraw, via People Mag.... 2/1/13 598643_10151408566250682_1596167084_n.jpg (640×960)  tim mcgraw shirtless | ... tim mcgraw country music people magazine ripped body shirtless video

This is love. When Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw sing songs, you know it's about something real. <3 them

Who doesn’t like a good looking cowboy?

Especially the romantic side.


*All pictures of Tim McGraw are pulled from Pintrest boards.





4 thoughts on “HAPPY HUMP DAY

  1. You truly are an amazing person. You’ve got new puppies. You’re dealing with the aftermath of Irma. You’ve got a crazy schedule. And you find time to mention me in such a wonderful and amazing post. I truly appreciate it. I am so glad we have gotten to know one another.

    I love Hump Day and now that I’m associated with it, it’s extra special. I might have to ask you to design the cover of a book in the future if I ever write a romance story… which for some reason, feels like maybe I could/should. It’s also always a reminder to push me back to the gym. I almost took off from it today. Now I need to go in 40 minutes and keep pushing myself to look like one of those guys. Then I can do a cover too! hahahaha 🙂

    My favorite this week is Hot Daddy. One, because my second book is called Father Figure. Two, because he does not look like a Daddy. Three, that smile is sick and adorable. Fourth, perfect amount of tattoos. Fifth, the way he stands with the hat. Sixth, I just need to stop.

    Thank You Thank You Thank You for my Hump Day present.

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