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36197047Make Her Mine

by Kira Bloom (Goodreads Author)
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When I accepted the job, I didn’t count on her…

But the second I opened that folder and saw her photo, I was a f*cking goner. Skye is perfect—like a pinup from back in the day with curves that make my mouth water and the most trusting eyes I’ve ever seen.
If she only knew.
I’m the man sent to take down her gambling prick of a brother, but I can’t resist her. I won’t. She might’ve been a part of the job, but there’s no way I’m letting her go now. I don’t want to deceive her. I want to worship her. Fill her with my baby. Make sure no other man ever touches that body that drives me f*cking wild.
I want to make her mine.

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My Review

Kira  Bloom has done it again.  Outstanding job guys.   I really have enjoyed your books.  I am never disappointed and the books are well written.

This is the second book that Kira Bloom Books has put out and I am thoroughly  impressed.  It was a page turner of excitement.  This particular book is about Skye and her brother Ian.  Ian has a gambling addiction and Skye is not aware that the addiction is bringing the bad men to her door.

Stone is the hired hand for the notorious pit boss Rich.  When Stone is hired to seduce Skye to get info on her brother, it is a means to the end.  The last job and he is free.  Should be easy right?  Since he has done this countless times.  Yeah right?  As soon as he opens the file on Skye he knows he is fucked.  She is going to be his kryptonite and his world is turning upside down.

How can Stone keep Skye safe and still do the job?  Will Rich pull the plug on his promise?  The one thing Rich is holding over his head, that won’t allow him to just walk away.   In the end someone will lose and it just might be him.

This is a great mobster pit boss type of story.  The characters are unique and mesmerizing.  Let’s not forget about the hot ass sex scenes.  Wow that Stone is hot!!!  I really enjoyed this book.   I could not put it down.  Kira and her brother have a strong bond and I love that.

I love reading Kira Bloom’s books.  They are a new group putting out steamy erotic romance novels.  So far I am very impressed.  The stories are never rushed and are well plotted out and flow smoothly.  They  create characters that will draw you in and hook you.  You can picture the story and it’s characters, as if you were right there with them.  The sex scenes are really hot and realistic.  They will have you begging for more.  I highly suggest you read this book and the first book Auctioned to the Billionaire.

 *ARC provided by Kira Bloom Books



Kira BloomWe are two friends who are NY Times Bestselling authors. While we love our romance sweet and long, we also like it hot and quick with filthy-talking alphas, virgins who swoon, and enough naughty sex to make the Energizer bunny blush.

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