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36225632Hook Up Daddy (A Single Dad Romance)

by Naomi Niles (Goodreads Author)
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Bethany is trying to rebuild her life after an abusive ex and bad choices. Her friend signs her up for a dating website and she connects with single dad Gavin. It ends up she works at the school his son attends. They hit it off…until her dark past is revealed to him.

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My Review

This is my first book from Naomi Niles and I can say that I enjoyed it.  This is another story of secrets in the past coming back to haunt someone.

In this book Bethany is starting over.  She has a great job as an assistant to the principle of an elementary school, the kids love her and she has purchased a small home of her own, but she is lonely.  Her best friend decides she needs to start dating again and signs her up on a dating website.

Gavin is CEO to a watch company and has it all.  Girls at his beck and call, his seven year old son and money.  But as he continues on his day to day life he realizes that he is missing something.  He wants to settle down.  He is tired of the game and wants a family to share with his son.  So he decides to try a dating website.

Immediatley after signing up for the dating service Gavin comes across Bethany’s profile.  He immediately jumps at the chance to  get to know her.  As thier relationship progresses things could not be more perfect.  But when things in the past come back to haunt the couple, everything goes sour.  What happens when your secrets are so dark they could get you killed?

This story was great.  I love stories like these.  They are exciting.  The characters in the story are great too.   Gavin is a sexy man, even though he is kind of a pig.  I love Bethany and she is such a strong character to overcome all she has.  I love Bethany’s best friend Alice.  She cracks me up with her crazy prego moods.

Overall the book is a steady paced story with a great storyline.  The characters are entertaining and will draw you in.  The story is interesting and holds your attention.  You will not want to put it down once you start.  I recommend this to anyone who likes a little thriller mixed with a littel dirty sexy romance.

*ARC provided by Naomi Niles

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