Review | Breaking The Rules

36214061Breaking the Rules: A Billionaire Romance

by Sarah J. Brooks

I’ve never played by the rules.
It’s made me a billionaire, but now everything is on the line.

Damn it, I’m in over my head.
My enemies want to destroy me, and I could lose everything.
Unless I obey every rule my hot and talented new PR manager sets for me.
And I try. I do. I need this to work.
But Mariah’s just so distracting.
Her delicious curves.
Those sinful lips.
That perfect butt I just want to reach out and grab.
So this is it. Time to decide.
Can I follow her rules for just two weeks?

This is a Full-Length STANDALONE billionaire romance novel – HEA and NO CLIFFHANGER guaranteed!

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My Review

I have to start off by saying that I really do enjoy Sarah J Brooks books.  I have been on her ARC for a little while and her stories are amazing.  This particular book was another good one.  I felt like I was watching an episode of Scandal while reading this book.  It was all about secrets and cover ups.

In this book River Stone is about to launch an important deal with his company and they are working with a christian family based company.  Only problem is that he has a secret.  A ten-year old secret that could ruin, not just this deal but his whole company.  So River hires a  PR firm named Public Waves.

Mariah has worked hard at her father’s PR firm for a year.  She has worked hard to prove that she deserves to work there, not because it is her father’s firm.  When the emergency line rings one night, she answers.  She has a mysterious guy on the phone and he wants to hire her specifically to work as his PR firm.

Mariah convinces her father to let her and her friend Elizabeth take the lead on this one.  When River meets her face to face he not only knows that he will hire her, but he will have her too.  Will Mariah be able to help River save his company?  As the secrets unfold and things get dicey she becomes leary that she can fix everything.

This book was a steady paced read.  The characters were interesting and had some serious issues.  The secrets at first don’t seem to horrible, that is until the truth is twisted into something much more sinister.  River is such a sweet guy and eventually this will start to lead to his downfall.  Mariah is tough as nails and she has a hard time with River because he doesn’t really want to help hisself.

Mariah could give that Olivia Pope (Scandal) a run for her money.  She really tries to fix things and she is not exactly afraid to sink to a low-level to do it.  River is always out to protect everyone and that is what is hurting him the most.  Together they are great but would it be enough.

*ARC provided by Sarah J. Brooks


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