In light of the current events here in the U.S.  We want to take time out to pray.

The devastation to Texas and Louisiana is huge and we should help in any way that is possible.  

Image result for harvey disaster

Image result for harvey disaster

On top of Harvey, Irma is bearing down the path to destruction, being the strongest hurricane in the Atlantic’s history.  With winds up to 185 mph it is currently a cat 5 storm.  I have family in Florida currently and they may have to evacuate their homes due to Irma.  

Image result for irma latest tracking

On top of that another storm, Jose is following behind Irma.  Who knows how that one will turn out.

Image result for tropical storm jose

Want to help?

Image result for harvey disaster

Donate now to help victims and future victims by clicking one of the charities below….

    Image result for red cross   Image result for americares logo   Image result for humane societyImage result for direct relief logo

Image result for roww

Don’t see one you like click the link below for more information on how you can help.  

Consumer Reports| How You Can Help Harvey Victims


Image result for roww


24 thoughts on “Hurricanes….

  1. Please know that we have witnessed first hand severe problems with the Red Cross in Houston. I have never had an opinion on them as I had never seen them in action (inaction is truly more accurate). Please donate to any other charity other than the Red Cross. Their relief inefforts have become infamous here now. If you work for the Red Cross and are one of the good ones, I genuinely thank you. But if not, please do not send them your funds. They do not make it to those in need, or at least they haven’t to any of the impacted areas surrounding us.

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  2. It’s such an awful situation. I have a friend who lives in Florida and it’s so nerve-wrecking because you just sit there waiting for a response via FB messenger to know the people you care about are okay. Hopefully the state is super ready for this so the situation isn’t as dire as it could be.

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