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28542841The Interview (Susan Wade Saga, #1)

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Get ready to fall in love with Susan Wade: goddess of business, woman of mystery, ruler of the free world…if she can land a job, that is. A real one. Like, one that pays!

With graduation looming, Susan Wade’s job prospects are bleak. Following her semi-boyfriend to the bowels of Texas or managing a dilapidated diner are her only options until she’s unexpectedly offered the interview of a lifetime. But when a corporate shark challenges her integrity, will she blow her chance at this dream job or swallow her ego? Find out in this hilarious comedy, rife with psychotic roommates, questionable fashion choices, and an epic search for the perfect cup of coffee.

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My Review 

This is the beginning to the story of Susan Wade’s adult life.  In this first book of the series it tells of college graduation and the scary part of waiting for “The Interview”, that one that will offer you a job that will shape you life.  Susan has worked hard to get where she is.  Top grades, working late hours and no time for fun.  Susan just needs a job offer from her top 3 computer corporations.

This book starts the development of the characters.  Especially Susan.  She is extremely smart and works really hard for what she has accomplished.  She has very little friends.  As the story goes on you learn more about who Susan is and her hopes and dreams of the life she wants.  I did want to see a little more from the romantic side, but I think that will come in the next book “The Carrot“.

This was an interesting and quick read.  Easy to relate to what happens when college graduates prepare for the next step. It was an entertaining read.  A little bit of comedy mixed with seriousness.

*ARC provided by Virginia Gray


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