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35440684Rubies in the Roses 

(Cornish Castle Mystery #2)

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Welcome to Cornisea island and spend your summer holidays in a Cornish Castle.Guinevere and her Dachshund Dolly are happily enjoying their summer by the Cornish coast – sun, sea and delicious food. Until a long-lost treasure and a mysterious death turns her holiday into a search for justice!

The second book in the brand new Cornish Castle Mystery series, don’t miss DEATH PLAYS A PART – the first in this new cozy crime series.


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Book 1

Death Plays a Part (Cornish Castle Mystery, Book 1) by [Conroy, Vivian]

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My Review

img_0473This is the second book in the Cornish Castle Mysteries.  I haven’t read the first one, but I was able to keep up in this one.  I may have to go back and read the first book to see what murder they solved, since this book doesn’t really go in much detail about it.

In this book Guinevere and Oliver are at odds a bit.  Wadencourt has come for a surprise visit.  He in  search of a wedding goblet, he thinks will make his career.  Wadencourt brings a photographer, Max, to document the success, when he finds the goblet.  Max is an odd character who has eyes for Guinevere and Oliver doesn’t like it.  Things get dicey when Jago winds up dead and the goblet is found without its jewels.  Can Guinevere and Oliver see eye to eye and solve Jago’s murder and find the missing jewels?

This is a great cozy little mystery.  The characters are wonderful and catch your attention.  Guinevere is a very intelligent woman and nothing gets by her.  She looks at the bigger picture putting all events together to figure out the who.  Wadencourt is a pompous ass in my eye.  I didn’t like Max too much either.  I think he is all wrong for Guinevere.  I like to think there is more to her and Oliver than what is being shown in the story at this point.  Maybe future books will explore this further.

Let us not forget cute Dolly.  That pup is super smart and sweet.  I wanted to kick Max’s butt when he was mean to her.  She seems to know when Guinevere needs her, by leaning into her to give her strength, barking and growling to stop her from going somewhere dangerous.  I love her.

If you are looking for a cozy mystery of who done it, then this is the book for you.  I highly recommend this book for those rainy days curled up on the couch.

I give this book five dotties  Image result for cartoon dachshund Image result for cartoon dachshund Image result for cartoon dachshund Image result for cartoon dachshund Image result for cartoon dachshund

*ARC provided by Vivian Conroy and Netgalley

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Author Bio

Vivian Conroy writes the Cornish Castle Mysteries for HarperCollins, with book 1 Death Plays a Part released in July and Rubies in the Roses following in late August. Her Lady Alkmene Mysteries, of which the first instalment A Proposal To Die For became an Amazon USA and Canada best seller in five categories, will continue with a new instalment in October, Fatal Masquerade, set at a Venetian style masked ball where every guest has a secret and some of these secrets prove lethal. For all the latest bookish news, with plenty of dog and desserts, follow Vivian on Twitter via . You can also find her books on Goodreads, Library Thing, Book Bub and Fantastic Fiction.

*Bio provided by Vivian Conroy

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