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35521929Naughty, Dirty, Cocky (Steamy Coffee Collection #1-3)

by Whitney G. (Goodreads Author)
 4.18  ·   Rating Details ·  71 Ratings  ·  9 Reviews
Alpha males, sassy heroines, and steamy sex have never been better…  
Naughty, Dirty, Cocky
 is complete the first volume of the New York Times bestselling ‘Steamy Coffee Reads Collection’ from Whitney G.Stay after hours with the Naughty Boss, be sure to get checked out by the Dirty Doctor, and make sure you’re prepared to work both inside and outside the bedroom with the Cocky Client.**Each novella is a standalone that features an alpha hero, feisty heroine, and toe curling sex. (They are also best devoured over a steamy hot cup of coffee)**



My Review

Looking for a quickie or two?  Maybe three will do.  😉  

This book has three quick hot & steamy reads for you.  They are guaranteed to make you pant.  Whitney G.  has done it again with her amazing whit and writing.  She is an author who writes great erotica short novels.  I love reading her books. Her characters are funny, whitty and sexy as hell. You are guaranteed to love them.

In this group of quickies, you will be introduced to the Naughty Boss named Michael.  Michael is the owner and CEO of a major publishing company and he can’t keep an Executive Assistant for more than two months or weeks.  He believes them to be incompetent.  His advisor Brad also thinks he needs to clean up his playboy image, before taking his company public.  He makes a deal with Brad if he can keep the next assistant for more than a year he will keep his sexcapades under wraps.

One year later Mya is still working for her A*hole boss.  Granted he is a sexy ass boss, he is still a major dick.  Then one day she sends her bestie an email about said boss, except she sends it to the wrong person and the story steams up from there.  Use you imagination girls……..

Next you meet Mr Dirty Doctor Ashton and ladies he can be your Dr. anytime, day or night?  If you know what I mean.  Garrett Ashton is hot single and a doctor.  He doesn’t date and is a member of online dating service where he talks dirty to another woman.

Natalie is  a resident who loses her spot in the top choice residency program, at the hospital she works.  So her employer gets her a job at a private practice.  Her life is not going the way she wants and her dates with the men she meets on the online dating service all bomb out.  She has been talking dirty to a man who claims he is a doctor, but she doesn’t believe him.  One day he sets up for them to meet.  Enough talk he wants to go further and make that talk a reality.  Well guess what she walks in to her date and sees her boss?  What to do now?  I let you read to find out.

Then last but not least you meet the Cocky Client, Ryan.  He is CEO of a very successful company.  He is constantly mixed up in a scandal.  He needs to clean up his PR image fast before he is forced to resign from his own company.  Problem with this is no PR firm in Manhattan will take him on as a client.

Penelope is the owner of a small PR firm and she has an ex who opened a rival firm and constantly poaches her clients.  She is tired and her bff said she needs to get laid, since she hasn’t been laid in over 70 months.  WOW!  So the BFF dolls her up and sends her out for the night.   While out she runs into a sexy as hell man and ends up in a hot and steamy, best sex ever one night stand.  She wakes up for work the next day and finds a letter from Mr. Cocky.  Not thinking anything of it, she has a meeting with a new client who could possibly bring in much-needed revenue.  That is until said new client walks and it is her one night stand “Ryan”.  It is all down hill from there.  Will she be able to keep him on as a client or will his cocky attitude ruin it all?

This book is a great collection of quickies to get you all hot and bothered.  If you enjoy these types of nights, then I suggest you pick up this collection and read away.  But don’t forget I warned you and you will need that cold shower when your done.  🙂

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