Hiking In SC

Went hiking today with my hubby in  Ceasars Head State Park.  We hiked 4 miles. It was very high up in the mountain.  We hiked to get a view of Raven Cliff Falls.  We thought we were going to get to see a suspended cable bridge, but we did not take that path.  Maybe next time. Here’s some pictures from our hike.  πŸ˜Š Enjoy 


10 thoughts on “Hiking In SC

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  2. Hi Patty — Thanks for sharing your hike! We might be “neighbors” as I live in Oconee County. I’ve hiked many places in the area (and for those who don’t know, the “Upstate” of SC has hundreds of miles of hiking trails, beautiful mountain vistas, dozens of gorgeous waterfalls, lakes, and much more!).
    Again, thanks for bringing the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains to your followers! πŸ™‚

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    • Hey Michael. I actually don’t live upstat, but I do think it is beautiful and me and my hubby love hiking up there. Are there any places that you would recommend for kayaking upstate?


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