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Review|The Baby Project

The Baby ProjectThe Baby Project

 (Kingston Family #3)

by Miranda Liasson (Goodreads Author)
 4.29  ·  Rating details ·  Ratings  ·  Reviews

Liz Kingston spends her life delivering babies and longs for one of her own. All she needs is someone with fabulous genetic material. Who better to ask than her sexy ex-fling, who has no interest in ever settling down or being a father.

International correspondent Grant Wilbanks loves danger and travelling the world. But nothing in all this Brit’s experience could have prepared him for the way a torrid affair with Liz makes him feel. When she asks for his assistance, he figures he can help her out with a simple donation. No strings, no emotions, just…test-tube science.

But this simple favor gives them both more than they ever bargained for. Grant agrees to her terms, but stepping away gets harder and harder because the more time they spend together, the more he finds himself falling…and losing the battle to safeguard his heart.

Expected publication: September 4th 2017
by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Indulgence)
ISBN:13 9781640632004
Edition Language: English
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My Review

When I started reading this book I did not know what to expect.  I definitely did not expect the emotional story that I read.  It was heartbreaking and beautiful.  I cried a lot reading this book.  I was thinking it was like most of the baby style romance books.  A sexy read with a baby bargaining chip, but that is not what I got.  I got a story so full of emotion and heart-gripping love.

In this story Elizabeth is an OB doctor who is just floating along in life.  Yes she is hard-working and loves her patients, but she is missing something.  A couple of years before she divorced her high school love because she found him in bed with another woman.  Then she went to Africa to work for doctors without boarders and met Grant.  A hot sexy Brit journalist.  They have a torrid love affair and she falls hard, only to be stood up by him at the train station.  Now a year later she is still living in a house with no furniture, working long hours and finding out she has little time left to have a baby.  So she schedules to have invetro.

Grant has been thinking of Elizabeth since the day he left her standing on the train platform.  He finds hisself in a bad situation with work and has to lay low for a while.  Since he still thinks of Elizabeth, he decides to go back to his hometown and see if she is just lust or real.  What he doesn’t expect is the feelings that rush to him when he sees her.  Elizabeth is so angry with him that she can’t see straight, but an idea forms.  She wants him to donate his sperm for her cause.  She knows he won’t stick around and sees it as the perfect opportunity to know the genes her baby will have.  Grant agrees to her plan since he will be leaving soon.  Can Grant just walk away?  Will Elizabeth’s heart-break again when he leaves?

I am gonna have to check out more by this author.  I loved her story telling.  She really took the time to develop the story and tell it in such an amazing way.  This book was an amazing story of love and struggles.  Grant struggles with commitment and loving someone.  He just knows how to run.  Elizabeth is so lonely.  She wants desperately to be happy and to have a baby to love before it is too late.  There is such a push and pull of emotion.  I felt as if my heart was breaking for her at times.  The characters are so strong in their creation you can’t help but hurt for them.  To feel what they feel.  Want the best for them.  It has been a long time since I have read a book that has made me ugly cry.  This book was that one to do it.  To take my heart and rip it to shreds with all the emotion.  I warn you.  You better have a box of tissues handy.  I can guarantee that you will love this book.  When I started reading it I did not realize it was a series.  It can be read as a standalone, with no cliffhangers.

I give this book 5 heartbreaking hearts  Image result for 5 star review

*ARC provided by Netgalley and Entangled Publishing

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Other books in the series:


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Author bio:

Miranda Liasson

Goodreads Author

Member Since  September 2011

Hi and welcome to my Goodreads author page! I’m Miranda Liasson, author of contemporary romance.

I won the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award for a story that became my first published novel, THIS THING CALLED LOVE, which debuted from Montlake Romance as a Kindle First selection in 2015. Like most of my novels, it’s lighthearted but also, like life, has a little bit of heartache in it too.

Romance to me is a fantastic blending of love, laughter, family, friendship, heartache and happiness, not to mention sizzle! I love stories that have happy endings and make me laugh. I hope my stories make you laugh a little, too.

My newest book, CAN’T FIGHT THIS FEELING (March, 2017), is the first book in the Spikonos Brothers series, about (hot, gorgeous) brothers who were separated as children and find their lives and loves…and each other, in the small Connecticut town of Mirror Lake

The first book in the series, CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU (Dec., 2016) is an emotional second-chance love story about love, loss, friendship, family, and the journey of one woman to confront her past in order to move onto her future.

I live in Northeast Ohio with my husband, three children and my office mate Posey, a rescue cat with more attitude than my kids!

I love to hear from readers! Come chat with me on my Facebook Author page ( where I hang out daily and post my latest giveaways and news.

I blog (nearly) every Saturday on my website, Be sure to sign up for my newsletter if you’d like to be informed of my new releases. You can catch me on twitter too @mirandaliasson.

*Author info and picture pulled from Goodreads

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Blog Tour|Just One Chance



Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00006]

Oh Tequila #1, Standalone
Limitless Publishing
New Adult Romantic Comedy

Tequila, you failed me.

You left me in a terrible haze, and I can’t find my god damn wallet.

Or my left shoe.

How the hell does one lose their shoe?

I have no f*cking clue.

All I know is that my night started out with one thing in mind…to have a little fun.

The problem with that? I can’t remember a damn thing, except one.

Morgan’s soft and needy moans. It’s a sound I will never forget, just thinking about it makes my heart race and my pulse quicken. And I want to hear it over and over again…I craved it.

But Morgan’s a mystery. The harder I try the more she resists. There’s one thing she doesn’t know about me though…I’m not one to give up.

I’ll play her game, I’ll let her think she’s won. But in the end, I will have her.

Because all I need is Just One Chance to prove she’s meant for me…




Before I could say anything, Xavier hooked me around the waist and stepped closer to Pete. “Hi, you must be Pete,” he said, thrusting his hand out toward the dumbfounded man. “I’m Xavier, Morgan’s boyfriend, and we’re here to meet Marcus.”
“Um, y-y-yeah.” I felt awful at Pete’s obvious stuttering. “L-l- let me show you both to your table.”
“You are awful.” I slapped at his arm as he slid his hand lower, cupping my ass. “What are you gonna do next, pee on my leg?”
I walked away from him but I could hear his laughter echoing behind me. Apparently Xavier Stone was on some type of high horse. As I approached the table I had a feeling that my best friend had some involvement in this fiasco.
Just One Chance FINAL-paperback.jpg

My Review

This is the first book by CA Harms I have read and I was very impressed.  So much so I am checking her out to see what other stories she has written up.

In this book you have Morgan.  Morgan is a college student who is working a shit job and driving a shit car so that she doesn’t have to ask her parents for money.  Her parents are taking care of her disabled brother Toby and are barely making ends meet.  Morgan has no time in her life for fun or relationships.  She only has time for work, school and her family.  One night her roommate/best friend Marcus talks her into a night of fun, attending a frat house party.  He tells her she needs to let loose and have fun.  As the drinks keep coming and she loosens up she is met by a stare from the gorgeous dude across the room.

Xavier is a frat boy, who lives in a house full of childlike frat boys, who love to play pranks.  Well he is not drinking at the party tonight because his frat brother Red is out to pull the biggest prank of all time on him.  He is hanging out at the party of his frat brothers, when his ex Brittney and her new stuck up boyfriend come in.  Well there went the no drinking rule tonight.

During the party Xavier sees a beautiful blonde across the room and they cannot take their eyes off one another all night.  When a frat brother runs out dancing naked in the room they lose each other.  Xavier hits the bottle heavy after that.

The next morning Xavier wakes up naked, missing his shoe, his clothes are torn and he has no idea where he is.  All he knows is he has a pineapple taste in his mouth.  He sits up and stops when a mans voice says…..”You weren’t complaining last night” Then comes the oh shit what did I do last night moment.

I have to say that this book was funny as shit.  I haven’t laughed that hard reading a book in forever.  I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes and people staring.  Those freaking frat brothers do some crazy ass shit to each other.

I really enjoyed this book.  Ms. Harms sure does know how to tell a story.  Her delivery was spot on.  She keeps her readers hooked and entertained.  She puts in a little dirty with a whole lot of funny and it is a breath of fresh air.  She left it open for Red’s story and gives you a sneak peek in the end of this book.  I can’t wait till Red’s story comes out next.  I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a sweet romance filled with lots of humor.


I give it 5 stars Image result for 5 star review


 Author Bio

JOC1 (1)C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn’t always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.
She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.


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Cover Reveal| Always You

Today we have the gorgeous cover reveal of Always You by Roxie Noir! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy September 13th!

Author: Roxie Noir
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: Sep 13th

About Always You:

I’ve been broken since the day I was born, with a past full of ugly secrets and a brother doing life in prison.

Not that you’d know it if you read the tabloids. According to them I’m the rock-solid guitarist for the biggest band in the world. I’m the dependable one. The steady one. The anchor.

They don’t know the truth. No one knows who I am underneath, once the music is over and the lights are off.

No one but Darcy.

She’s my best friend. She’s my fucking savior, my light in the dark, beautiful as hell and talented as fuck and every bit as broken as me.

And I fucking yearn for her. I have for years. I see the way she looks at me, what’s behind her eyes.

I know what she thinks about alone, in the dark, because how could I not know.

It’s getting worse. Every second, every heartbeat, every moment we spend together and every secret we share makes me want her more. Even though I know that one kiss, one night could ruin everything we have, I need her.

And for Darcy, I’ll risk it all.

Related image

Exclusive Excerpt:

“Should we head back?” Trent says, after a while.
I stretch my arms over my head, careful of the way my back moves against the glass of the windshield.
“I guess,” I say.
“We’ve got another phone meeting with Gavin at nine,” Trent points out.
I make a face.
“I wish he hadn’t become a morning person when he got sober.”
“You do know that people do things at nine in the morning all the time, right?”
“Not people who routinely get off work when the sun’s coming up,” I point out.
He slides off the car, walks around the front, and holds out one hand. I look at it skeptically — it’s just the hood of the car, I’m fine — but I take it anyway, strong and warm and dry, and hop down.
“Jesus, Darce, you’re an ice cube,” he says. “Why didn’t you say something?”
He folds his hand around mine, practically engulfing it.
“I’m not that cold,” I protest, even as I shiver in the cool air. I didn’t realize how cold I was until I touched him.
“Bullshit,” he mutters.
Trent slides his hands up my arms to my shoulders, then pulls my body softly against his. The man’s practically a furnace, heat blasting through his shirt. I shiver again, despite myself, because now that my front half is warm I’m realizing how cold I actually am.
“If anything else happens to you, Gavin might murder me,” he says, his voice rumbling through my frame, his rubbing my upper arms like he’s trying to create friction.
It’s nothing, I tell myself. You’re cold and he’s nice. It’s nothing.
But God, it feels like something, and it’s terrifying. It feels like I can’t stop, standing here against him. I want this but I don’t; I want to hang out with Trent on cars in the wilderness and I don’t want more because when more gets involved, things end.
“So you want me to stay safe to save your own skin,” I tease.
“If that’s what I say, will it work?”
“It’s in the sixties out here at least,” I point out. “I’m not gonna get hypothermia.”
I’m protesting, but I lean my head against him, nestling myself in the hollow of his throat despite the voice in my head saying don’t, don’t, don’t.
Trent doesn’t answer. He just holds me by the shoulders while I lean against him. Slowly, I put my arms around him, because otherwise they’re just hanging at my sides.
His chin’s resting on the top of my head. I can feel his stubble through my hair, and his hands keep moving like he wants to put his arms around me, but he can’t because of my back.
“Thanks for this,” he finally murmurs.
“I wish I knew how to really help,” I say.
“You did.”
I finally pull back, looking up at him, my arms still around his waist.
“I thought this was dumb,” I tease.
“Throwing rocks as anger management is pretty dumb,” he says. “It’s also exactly what I needed.”
Trent looks down at me, an expression in his warm, deep brown eyes that I can’t quite read, though it makes my heart beat faster. He’s got one big hand cupping my shoulder, the other drifting down my side to my hip, careful of my bandages.
I’m still pressed against him, still warm and safe as I’ve ever been even though I feel like I’m in the very center of a tornado. The eye of a hurricane. Like it’s calm with deadly weather rushing around us, inescapable, the hum of it always moving closer.
Slowly, Trent slides his fingers along my shoulder, to my neck, his calloused fingertips sending shivers over my skin. My eyes close, and now his fingers are in my hair, his thumb dragging along my cheekbone.
I think my heart might explode. It feels like my nerves are catching fire and popping out of my skin, my whole body wild and alive like I’ve never felt it before as Trent bends down so slowly that it almost feels like time has stopped.
“Darcy,” he whispers.
His face is an inch from mine. Maybe less, his thumb still stroking my cheekbone, my eyes closed and head tilted back.
I want this. I might want this more than I’ve ever wanted anything.
I take a deep, shaky breath and Trent tilts his head, pausing, his lips a centimeter from mine.
“Don’t,” I whisper.

Related image

Author Bio:

I love writing sexy, alpha men and the headstrong women they fall for.
My weaknesses include: beards, whiskey, nice abs with treasure trails, sarcasm, cats, prowess in the kitchen, prowess in the bedroom, forearm tattoos, and gummi bears.
I live in California with my very own sexy, bearded, whiskey-loving husband and two hell-raising cats.

Author Links
Facebook reader group:

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Enter Roxie’s Giveaway:


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Review |Naughty Dirty Cocky

35521929Naughty, Dirty, Cocky (Steamy Coffee Collection #1-3)

by Whitney G. (Goodreads Author)
 4.18  ·   Rating Details ·  71 Ratings  ·  9 Reviews
Alpha males, sassy heroines, and steamy sex have never been better…  
Naughty, Dirty, Cocky
 is complete the first volume of the New York Times bestselling ‘Steamy Coffee Reads Collection’ from Whitney G.Stay after hours with the Naughty Boss, be sure to get checked out by the Dirty Doctor, and make sure you’re prepared to work both inside and outside the bedroom with the Cocky Client.**Each novella is a standalone that features an alpha hero, feisty heroine, and toe curling sex. (They are also best devoured over a steamy hot cup of coffee)**



My Review

Looking for a quickie or two?  Maybe three will do.  😉  

This book has three quick hot & steamy reads for you.  They are guaranteed to make you pant.  Whitney G.  has done it again with her amazing whit and writing.  She is an author who writes great erotica short novels.  I love reading her books. Her characters are funny, whitty and sexy as hell. You are guaranteed to love them.

In this group of quickies, you will be introduced to the Naughty Boss named Michael.  Michael is the owner and CEO of a major publishing company and he can’t keep an Executive Assistant for more than two months or weeks.  He believes them to be incompetent.  His advisor Brad also thinks he needs to clean up his playboy image, before taking his company public.  He makes a deal with Brad if he can keep the next assistant for more than a year he will keep his sexcapades under wraps.

One year later Mya is still working for her A*hole boss.  Granted he is a sexy ass boss, he is still a major dick.  Then one day she sends her bestie an email about said boss, except she sends it to the wrong person and the story steams up from there.  Use you imagination girls……..

Next you meet Mr Dirty Doctor Ashton and ladies he can be your Dr. anytime, day or night?  If you know what I mean.  Garrett Ashton is hot single and a doctor.  He doesn’t date and is a member of online dating service where he talks dirty to another woman.

Natalie is  a resident who loses her spot in the top choice residency program, at the hospital she works.  So her employer gets her a job at a private practice.  Her life is not going the way she wants and her dates with the men she meets on the online dating service all bomb out.  She has been talking dirty to a man who claims he is a doctor, but she doesn’t believe him.  One day he sets up for them to meet.  Enough talk he wants to go further and make that talk a reality.  Well guess what she walks in to her date and sees her boss?  What to do now?  I let you read to find out.

Then last but not least you meet the Cocky Client, Ryan.  He is CEO of a very successful company.  He is constantly mixed up in a scandal.  He needs to clean up his PR image fast before he is forced to resign from his own company.  Problem with this is no PR firm in Manhattan will take him on as a client.

Penelope is the owner of a small PR firm and she has an ex who opened a rival firm and constantly poaches her clients.  She is tired and her bff said she needs to get laid, since she hasn’t been laid in over 70 months.  WOW!  So the BFF dolls her up and sends her out for the night.   While out she runs into a sexy as hell man and ends up in a hot and steamy, best sex ever one night stand.  She wakes up for work the next day and finds a letter from Mr. Cocky.  Not thinking anything of it, she has a meeting with a new client who could possibly bring in much-needed revenue.  That is until said new client walks and it is her one night stand “Ryan”.  It is all down hill from there.  Will she be able to keep him on as a client or will his cocky attitude ruin it all?

This book is a great collection of quickies to get you all hot and bothered.  If you enjoy these types of nights, then I suggest you pick up this collection and read away.  But don’t forget I warned you and you will need that cold shower when your done.  🙂

4 Star review Image result for 4 star review


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Review|Lemon Bars With A Side Of Murder

35892060Lemon Bars with a Side of Murder (Daley Buzz Mysteries #4)

by Meredith Potts (Goodreads Author)
 4.86  ·   Rating Details ·  7 Ratings  ·  5 Reviews
When amateur sleuth Sabrina Daley discovers that a local hypnotherapist is giving illegal mind-altering pills to his patients, she becomes desperate to uncover his true intentions. Unfortunately, before she has the chance to confront him, the hypnotherapist is found dead.
But who murdered him? Was it one of his patients? His bitter spouse? His assistant? Or is something more nefarious going on in Sabrina’s once-idyllic small town of Treasure Cove? 

Books In The Daley Buzz Cozy Mystery Series 

Book 1 — Chocolate With A Side Of Murder
Book 2 — Caramels With A Side Of Murder
Book 3 — Apple Pie With A Side Of Murder
Book 4 — Lemon Bars With A Side Of Murder
Book 5 — Cookies With A Side Of Murder 


Image result for coffee page divider clipart

My Review

In this 4th installment of Daley Buzz Sabrina stumbles across a pill that the hypnotherapist uses on his patients, which in turn leads to his untimely death.  With a new murder mystery on Sabrina and Davids plate things with the secret meeting are just not adding up and she thinks it all ties together.  Can they solve another murder before it is too late?

These books are great little cozy mysteries to read.  Each book grows more and more with the characters and the side mysteries to solve.  The mystery of the haunted house was solved last book and now the town has torn it down and can rest easy again.  Still wondering when her sister’s disapperence will come to light.  Guess we will have to wait.

I give this book 4 Stars small star 2 small star 2 small star 2 small star 2

*ARC provded by Meredith Potts


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