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The Deal: A Billionaire and a Virgin Office Romance

 4.5  ·  Rating Details ·  6 Ratings  ·  5 Reviews
I’m the CEO of a billion dollar company.
I never let emotion get in the way of a good deal.
So what do you think my business mentor would make of the following situation?

I’m about to close a huge deal.
The documents are drawn up.
The price is set.
The seller is itching to sign on the dotted line.
The only obstacle?

His sweet, delicious, delectable, young virgin daughter is assisting me with the details, and all I can think about is taking her right here on my desk.
It goes against all my rules, all my better judgments.
It will completely blow the deal.
But this girl is keeping me up at night.
I picture myself lifting her up on the desk and devouring her.

Her perfect pencil skirt, cut professionally just above the knee.
Her business appropriate white silk blouse.
Her tidy, tied back golden hair.
I just want to mess up her entire prim and proper persona.
I want to ravish her, rip off her expensive clothes, and leave her panting and quivering in my arms.

Business is all about maintaining control.
But love is about losing it.
And with Anna Cook, I’m about to throw all my rules out the window.

This exciting and steamy contemporary billionaire standalone novel with a guaranteed HEA will keep you turning the pages! Includes another exclusive bonus story only availale through this book.

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My Review 2

This is the second book by Ms Brooks that I have reviewed.  I really loved it.  It was a really good book with an interesting plot.  I love the billionaire romance stories.  They are hot and sweet all mixed up into one great romance.

In this book Jason is a single father and partner in a firm that buys out companies, that are in trouble, to try to turn them around or sell them off.  Jason is currently in the middle of a deal with his next door neighbor.  His neighbor’s daughter Anna is proving to be a distraction with her tiny bikinis and trampoline.  And what Anna wants Anna gets.  He is trying to stay away from Anna, but she begs her father to help her get a job as Jason’s assistant, which he agrees to in hopes of her spying on Jason for him.  Will Jason be able to close this deal with Anna’s father and avoid temptation?  Will Anna finally win?

Anna is a sweet character with a huge flirtatious way about herself.  Jason is a great guy whom makes sure that his son comes first.  Not to mention he is hot as sin.  yum yum….  I have become a huge fan of Ms. Brooks.  She has a great style of writing, not rushing her stories.  She also gives you a little sight into what happens later in life with her characters.  I love it.  Sometimes you finish a romantic story and you wonder, hmmmm what happens next??  If you like a fun-loving romantic story then this is the book for you.

*ARC provided by Sarah J. Brooks*

I give this book 4 Stars

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