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Angel Down

by Lois Greiman (Goodreads Author)  23667012
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A thrilling, sensual novel of romantic suspense from USA Today bestselling author, Lois Greiman.

Gabriel Durrand’s wingman, ex Army Ranger Linus Shepherd, has failed to return from a covert mission in the sweltering jungles of Colombia. Gabe is determined to make certain no man is left behind. Not on his watch. Recouping from an injury himself, he knows he can’t bring Shep home alone and seeks an interpreter.

When an unknown named Eddy Edwards is recommended for the assignment, Gabe hopes to meet him at Edwards’ neighborhood bar. Hours later, thinking this Eddy is a no-show, Gabe flirts with a girl-next-door beauty. Sparks fly, but during the ensuing romantic interlude, he realizes she’s heavily armed, deadly dangerous, and probably an enemy operative.

Jennifer ‘Eddy’ Edwards has been on desk duty at the CIA for far too long and is ready to get her hands dirty, but when she meets sexy Gabriel Durrand at her local hangout, wires get crossed, hormones sizzle, and a battle erupts.

Will this unlikely team save Shepherd or will they kill each other before ever arriving in South America?

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2 Review
Angel Down by: Lois Greiman is a great book.  I am not sure exactly how they came up with the title though.  But hey if Gabe wants to be my Angel then who am I to complain.
Anyhow in this book you have Gabe, who is  solider whom is stateside recovery from past demons and injuries.  He is trying to find Eddy to help him on a personal op to go in and save a friend whom has been listed MIA.  He is at a bar to meet Eddy and Eddy is turning into a no-show.  Pissed off and ready to leave a gorgeous woman catches his eye. She looks like she has a lot on her mind.  Taking a chance he chats her up and sparks fly.  Little does he know that Eddy is right under his nose, when he almost gets his ass kicked by her.  So Eddy agrees to the mission.  Can the duo go into a drug lord infested jungle to save Shep and make it out alive?
I really loved this book.  I did however have a hard time reading it at first.  The first few chapters threw me off.  It started out talking about the op, then fast forward to the bar scene, with no indication.  But after that it was rolling hot.  This book was an action packed adventure, mixed with loads of sexual attraction.  The book flowed flawlessly after the bar scene.  I really enjoyed the characters in this book.  Gabe is Mr. Save Everyone complex (hence the title of the book) and Eddy is having to prove herself to everyone, because she is a woman.  The characters are very strong and sound.  Eddy tends to talk herself into some bad situations, but always gathers the best intel that way.  Gabe is a little on the brute side.  They both have an undeniable chemistry.  I can see a series with this one, using Shep as the next book, but I am not sure if the author is going that route yet.  If you are looking for a roller coaster of fun, then this is the book for you.  It is full of danger and action.  I highly  recommend this adrenaline rush.
*ARC provided by Netgalley
I give this book 4 Stars  small star 2small star 2small star 2small star 2

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