Review | Deadlines

Deadlines (Deadlines Mysteries #1)

by Camilla Chafer (Goodreads Author)  30343887

A brand new mystery from the world of Lexi Graves featuring a character you’ve met before…

Shayne Winter thinks she has everything she ever wanted: a job as chief reporter at the LA Chronicle, a swish new apartment in a fabulous neighborhood, and a Californian-cool lifestyle just waiting to reveal itself. But on the first day of her new life, it all goes horribly wrong. The apartment is less ‘young professional’ and more ‘young offender’, the only furnishing a handsome squatter with roving eyes. Even worse, Ben, her predecessor at the Chronicle, has returned to claim his old job, leaving Shayne nothing but the obituary column and a simple choice: take it or leave it.

Her first assignment should be easy: write up the accidental death of washed-up former child-star Chucky Barnard and file her column. Yet when Shayne interviews the people close to Chucky, his sister claims Chucky had everything to live for and his untimely death could only be murder.

Convinced this could be the perfect headline to put her life back on track, Shayne vows to find the truth, convince a reticent homicide detective to investigate, and bring a killer to justice, all before Ben grabs her story and the killer makes Shayne his or her personal deadline.  Amazon Button

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I was so excited to start another series by Camilla Chafer. With this one being a spinoff from the Lexi Graves series, I went in reading this with high hopes. I must say that I was not disappointed in the least. Like the Lexi Graves series this series had a lot of fun, excitement, mystery and a little bit of love mixed up.
In the story Shayne Winter moves to LA with the excitement of a new job writing headlines, only to find out that her job was taken away before she even started. So then in order to stay on it this newspaper she has to take a job writing obits and entertainment. When she gets her first assignment to write the obit for a child star, she finds herself tangled up in a mystery of who done it. She has to unravel the mystery before her deadline runs out and she loses all hope of getting that front page story. Can she unravel the mystery and still have time to settle into her new life, make friends and new contacts.
If you like a story that is fun, exciting and humorous with laugh out loud moments then you will definitely need to pick this book up and read it. It will have you guessing till the end. I believe Camilla has done it again with the new series full of fun edginess and excitement.

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