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Hello beautiful people!

A few weeks ago, I was tagged in the Get To Know Me tag! I freakin’ LOVE tags! They are just so much fun and a great way to connect to everyone in the blogging community!

I want to thank Jenna at Bookmark Your Thoughts for tagging me! She is such a wonderful person.  We have not been friends long in the blogging world, but she has been such a joy to get to know.  Her blog is refreshing and I think that you would enjoy getting to know her as well.  So check out her blog Bookmark Your Thoughts

Alright, here we go!


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Vital Stats

Name: Patty
Nicknames: Peppermint Patty, Patty Melt, Patty Cake
Birthday: June 25
Star Sign: Cancer
Occupation:  I am an office worker for a global company, booking contracts, collections, dispatching, and many more tasks.  My title is a CSAA. Customer Service Agent Assistant.  blah blah

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Hair Colour: Brown with natural blond highlights
Hair Length: Medium to Long
Eye Colour: Brown
Braces: never
Piercings: Left Ear 6 (only wear 3 now), Right Ear 4 (only wear 2 now), used to have a tongue and belly piercings (took out during pregnancy and never put back)
Tattoos: 5 tattoos – moon on my ankle, infinity sisters on my wrists, sun, chinese symbol for mother with a fairy sitting on top and a stick figure girl talking into a can phone are on my back.  
Right or Left: right

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Real Holiday: Christmas when I  was six.  My parents rule as kids on Christmas morning was we had to stay in bed till they got up.  Well my brother and sisters would always con me into sneaking into the living room to see what Santa brought us, saying “You go Patty.  You’re the youngest, you won’t get in trouble.”  I would get halfway across the hall and my parents would yell “Get back in that bed” I would run back and jump in bed.  Then the process would start all over again for about 4 or 5 times till they finally gave up and let us get up.  lol  
Best Friend:
Jennifer! We have been friends since birth.  We have the matching sisters tat and the stick figure tat.  My dad just recently married her mom, so now she is my step sister.  No matter where our lives take us we have always remained the best of friends , more like sisters.  I can always count on her to have my back.
Award:  Got some ribbons for some art work in high school and lettered in soccer and got an award in track for the running long jump.
Sport: I was a cheer leader in my freshman year of high school.  I played soccer on an all boys team for my freshman and sophomore years of high school.  Now I hike and kayak.
Concert:  I have been to too many to list.  My first one was MC Hammer w/Boys II Men and TLC.  My last one was a Rock Festival called Carolina Rebellion.  I saw over twenty bands play out of sixty.  It was a three-day event.  I have been to that three years.

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TV Shows: Drop Dead Dive, Outlander, Midnight Texas(new show in July)
Colour: Purple!  I love purple, especially Lavender.
Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory, Yummy!
Shop: Amazon-I am an Amazon shopping addict.  I love shopping online and having it shipped to me.  I get excited to get packages in the mail.  Like Christmas.
Book:  Do I have to name just one?  😉   I love Charlaine Harris books if I had to pick a favorite.  I can’t narrow it down any better than that.
Shoes: Sandles or flip-flops, but I’d rather be barefooted.  🙂

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Feeling: Content –  I feel my life is content.  I am happy and easy to please.
Single or Taken: Taken – I have been happily married for almost 17 years now.
Eating:  I love to eat.  I am a foodie.  🙂
Thinking About:  Kayaking this weekend on my birthday.   🙂  super excited
Watching: Going to see The Mummy this weekend with my son.  🙂

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Want Children:  I have a 16-year-old son, whom is wonderful.  I wish  I would have had another child, but I had a bad pregnancy with my first and my husband and I decided we did not want to try again.  I do have a wonderful, beautiful Step-Daughter who will be 21 soon.
Want To Be Married: I am currently married till death do us part.  😉
Careers in Mind:  Would not mind taking some photography courses.  I would like to become a professional photographer, but will most definitely retire the job I have currently.
Where You Want To Live: I would love to live on the coast, but my hubby is not agreeing to that so, we will probably get a home in the country.  Which is nice too.

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Do You Believe In

God:  I do believe in God.
Miracles: I believe in miracles.  Friend of mines son is now cancer free after a very long road.
Love At First Sight:  Maybe.
Ghosts:  Yes, I believe in spirits.
Aliens: Nope
Soul Mates:  Maybe.  I do believe there is someone for everyone.  Someone who compliments them.
Heaven: Sure, hence God & Spirits
Hell: Sorta, I believe there is a purgatory or place for bad spirits to rest, not sure of the fire and brimstone part.
Kissing of the First Date: Yes, romantic
Yourself: Yes, I believe I can do anything I put my mind too.

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Nel @Reactionary Tales

Jay @This-Is-My-Truth-Now

Geybies Book Blog

Claire @BrizzleLass Books

Thank you so much for hanging out with me today and learning more about me. Thanks again to Jenna for tagging me. It was a lot of fun!  If I didn’t tag you, don’t fret.  You can still join the fun and play along.

Happy Reading!


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  1. Yay! I’m so glad you did the tag and enjoyed it! I’m so envious that you’ve been married for 17 years! I hope I find someone one day…if not, I can always adopt my own child 🙂 Hearing things like your friends son being cancer free brings me such great joy! And happy early birthday! Kayaking is such a blast!

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